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From pandemic to war

The pandemic, the war, hatred, death, hunger. What are we still missing?


The analysis recited by Liliana Segre, on the "European Day of the Righteous" celebrated on March 6, gives us the perception of the madness we are facing: "I thought of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The pandemic, the war, hatred, death, hunger. What are we still missing? We would never have imagined all this in Europe."

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This synthesis, so lucid, so tragic, clears all the river of words that we have been sipping on television for days from journalists, politicians, virologists, generals, experts in military strategies and opinion leaders of the Menga. All know-it-alls who speak with hindsight, sitting on the couch to discuss whether Putin is crazy, if we need to arm the Ukrainian resistance, that everything was already clear for at least ten years, that in the face of a pandemic, making mistakes is human and so on.

He speaks freely only to inflate his own ego, to feel himself co-protagonists in history and not witnesses of a tragic chronicle. Politicians who speak of sanctions like a principal would speak of suspension for a pupil, directors of radio newspapers, who, in order to appear on television, invent war correspondents by locking themselves in a bunker to tell about a war they do not see; commentators who had already foreseen everything, perhaps reading the coffee grounds.

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To arm the Ukrainian resistance or not? But why does Ukraine not have its own army, its own air force, its own navy with which to face the Russian offensive? We are not talking about Switzerland, but about a nation that has already suffered interference since the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and is now treated as a South American republic to which to supply weapons to the resistance against a dictator. Not something but a lot does not add up in this whole dirty story.

If they still want to deceive us with the story of the Empire of Evil against the Empire of Good, it is right that we know that in "evil" there are characters who are well determined to pursue their goals while in "good" the perception is that there are no is no character up to the occasion. Let's forget men like the Churchills, the Roosevelts, the de Gaulles and even the "defeated" De Gasperi, today we only have hominins capable only of thinking in terms of GDP and quaquaraquà capable of saying any wickedness in order to smooth the hair of the many, too many "piglianculo."

Just to mention Sciascia!

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If Putin is truly a madman who has decided to start humanity towards a dark dissolve then there is nothing to analyze, we are heading towards a nuclear war and many greetings to energy conversion, climate change, the protection of biodiversity and all good intentions. It will be the desert!

If Putin is not that madman who is painting himself, then all the "Great Ones of the Earth" are complicit in a design, obscure to us, which puts the lives of now eight billion people who live on planet Earth at stake. Everyone has his part in comedy and no one, if there is a tomorrow, will be able to proclaim himself innocent.