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How web searches have changed over the last 25 years

Opening the digital time capsule, according to Google Trends Time Capsule


One can understand a lot, or even very little, from the historical trend of searches made by users around the world on Google, especially if the period of observation is decidedly prolonged. And that of Trends Time Capsule really is, since it covers 25 years of typing, observations, curiosities, morbidities and vices of Internet users worldwide. Not all categories though, we imagine for reasons of privacy, respect for the law and even public decency.

What there are, however, provide a number of interesting elements on which enthusiasts of anthropology, costume history and human evolution might have much to say. They range from animation to athletes, from card games to children's TV programmes, from dog breeds to films, from reality shows to sauces to video games.

And wandering more or less randomly through these search universes spanning about a generation, we discover to our disappointment that the most sought-after dog is practically always the same, the Bulldog, which only for a few years has had to give way to the much nicer Labrador. With the Chihuahua disappearing from the radar while the German Shepherd has consolidated an ever-increasing public interest since the beginning of the new millennium. But when they were not taking the dog out, or rather imagining they were doing so by observing and reading up on the characteristics of the desired animal, surfers were trying to decide which sauce to choose in order to give a new flavour to their lives. And hot sauce, a characteristic element since the turn of the century, had to give way at the table to tomato sauce. Italy's supremacy in the world of condiments and good food is also sanctioned by the presence of béchamel sauce and bolognese sauce in the first places of searches, with soy sauce reminding us that Asian cuisine is hot on our heels.

And after dinner, there we are in front of the TV watching... according to research, none other than The Game of Thrones, with The Walking Dead, which, perhaps also thanks to the infinite number of seasons and the allure of zombies, manages to resist dragons, elves and various monsters. It should be noted that in the transition from the 20th to the 21st century The Simpsons had to give way and the primacy it previously enjoyed among fans of evenings in front of the screen. The year 2023 also brought an outsider to the 2nd place of the most wanted list. It is Yali Capkini, a fearsome Turkish TV drama serial of which 63 episodes have reportedly already been produced.

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The world of reality shows also holds some rather exotic surprises. Although it is a rather fluid environment, in many senses, in recent years searches on Big G have mainly concerned Love Island UK (born in 2015), Big Boss, an Indian show that has been running since 2006, Zadruga, a Serbian reality show that has now become Elita, La Casa de Los Famosos and Dom-2, a Russian reality TV show created by the TNT channel.

Among athletes - in terms of research - Cristiano Ronaldo reigns supreme. Lionel Messi only in 2023 managed to climb up from the 1st position in the ranking. With a third footballer, Neymar da Silva Santos, in hot pursuit. As in the real world, there is little room for other sports in the trends, except for wrestler Conor McGregor, who appeared as a powerful meteor, tennis and basketball players such as Novak Djokovic and LeBron James.

Last but not least, there is the world of video games. While Diablo II could still claim supremacy in 2000, over the years it was World of Warcraft that came to the attention of online gamers, only to be eclipsed in turn by others such as Minecraft, Roblox, Wordle and Garena Free Fire. Grand Theft Auto and Fortnite already seem to be a thing of the past, like the forgotten Commodore 64.



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