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How to hide our secrets in an iPhone

We all have one


The film Perfetti Sconosciuti has become such a hit in the past few years that even in 2024 we might find ourselves at a dinner party with friends where some joker proposes to read aloud everyone's chats or take turns browsing everyone's iPhone library. Just for a laugh, of course.

Or, more likely, in an era where privacy is now unknown, making the contents inside our iPhone invisible or leaving fewer digital traces could come in handy for several reasons. Starting with incognito browsing and disabling Gps tracking in apps, there are many things we can do in advance to avoid gaffes, save an extramarital affair or keep a passion we're not proud of private.

iPhone tricks

One thing Apple has always been no slouch about is the secrecy of its devices; besides their cost of course. Face ID or fingerprinting are the first steps to ensure the security of our data, but the iPhone also has other tricks to increase privacy and hide photos, videos or apps from too inquisitive fingertips. 

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To make not-safe-for-work content disappear from the Library, simply select the object of our shame, tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner and then select “Hide” and finally “Hide Photo”. However, it is possible not only to make a photo disappear, but also the hidden photo album. From Settings we just have to click on Photos and then deactivate the option “Show hidden albums”. And voilà.

The same can also be done with inconvenient apps. Perhaps Tinder or Bumble might not look good on the iPhone's home screen if you have been dating for over 10 years, and then all you have to do is select them and choose to remove them from the Home screen. In case we have to give money to a friend, better to make that betting app disappear in his presence too, just in case.

One app is enough for our secrets

If we think these tricks are not enough to secure our secrets, we can also resort to some “help”, in the form of an app, to increase the level of security. 

For instance, with apps like Locker or Cloak we can completely remove unwanted apps from the phone: not only from the home screen, but also from the app library and notifications. It is also possible to set time limits for these removals or 'safe zones' in which selected apps disappear, using the Gps.

Similarly, apps along the lines of Private Photo Vault temporarily delete content from libraries and archives to keep them safely tucked away in their own meanderings. For the untrusting. 

Black glasses

How, on the other hand, can we protect ourselves from prying eyes ready to spy on embarrassing messages from the football chat or our musical guilty pleasures in real time, while we are on the metro or on our lunch break at work? 

A final “analogue” solution is the screen protector film with a so-called privacy filter. This film prevents those around us from seeing what we are doing with our iPhone. The cheaper equivalent of a Suv with tinted windows for VIPs engaged in a clandestine affair. Although, admits the famous tiktoker New Martina, even this film may not be enough to stop a jealous partner. And curious.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios