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Five books on travel to give as a Father's Day gift

A gift for dads


Not always and not all fathers have the luxury to travel as much as they would like: for work reasons, for family needs, for international warrants. And so, on the occasion of 19 March, Father's Day, here is a small review of travel books that will delight those readers who fly, sail and explore with their minds while their bodies are firmly attached to the sofa.

Starting with the Artistic Places of “Guides for inspired travellers”: 144 pages to discover Monet's oasis full of water lilies, Mount Fuji in Japan, the New Mexico desert dear to Georgia O'Keeffe, the courtyard of Frida Kahlo's Casa Azul, Basquiat's New York streets, the wheat fields and church of Auvers sur Oise in France and many other magical places made eternal by great artists.

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Then there is the History of the World in 500 author's walks, to rediscover cities and landscapes following in the footsteps of great painters, writers and musicians: a team of female travel journalists proposes a total cultural immersion in the discovery of the settings that have inspired symphonies and literary masterpieces. Within the colourful pages of the book, you will travel from North to Central America, continue on to South America, land in Europe, depart for Africa and the Middle East, tackle Russia and Asia and end up resting in Australasia.

For those who want to stay in the Old Continent, Lonely Planet suggests Where to go and when: Europe. A fairly explanatory title that leaves little to the imagination with respect to the contents of the book, but which already answers a number of these essentials for every traveller. Being in the right place at the right time,' explain the publishers, 'seems to be one of the secrets of happiness, even when travelling. The guidebook, for the month of April, proposes, for example, the Bulgarian town of Plovdiv, where one can enjoy mild days before the May rains and summer crowds arrive: during the day one explores the Roman ruins, the imposing nationalist revival-style villas and art exhibitions, and in the evening the tour of clubs and restaurants begins.

Those who want to move even less will find interesting insights in I borghi più belli d'Italia. A journey into the charm of hidden Italy through 308 small historic centres of less than 15,000 inhabitants described with around 2,500 photographs. A rich set of ideas for a weekend or even just a day discovering the history and culture of the country, often hidden in plain sight just around the corner.

Finally, for armchair travellers who prefer theory to practice, who love to study and delve deeper without ever leaving their home town, here is The Lonely Planet Quiz Book. Two thousand questions and answers to test one's knowledge of the world and also to enrich one's cultural baggage with a myriad of information and gleanings that, in the worst case scenario, will be used to hold court during a family dinner.

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