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Anyone can run according to New Balance: when inclusivity becomes the common thread

Run Your Way is an invitation by the brand to celebrate its identity in running


At a time in history when exclusion is a flag to wave, it is the brands with the most impressive heritage that have the courage to stand up for acceptance

This is the case of New Balance, which is presenting its Run Your Way campaign for the new year with a mission: to help all runners recognise that they are part of a wider culture and community, whether they are running a marathon in less than 3 hours or a morning run before going to work.

The campaign will be launched globally starting in the spring and amplified by various events including the Deejay Ten, Italy's most fun non-competitive race, with stops in Turin on 26 March, passing through Bari, Florence and Naples, and ending in Milan on 15 October.

What else to say but Let's run?

Images New Balance Press Office