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RED Valentino closes and the maison becomes fur-free: a strategic choice or protection?

It’s not all “green” what shines


These are hard times for many brands, even for the most unthinkable ones, and the ability to be far-sighted in these moments is essential to make the right choices for the future.

It could be seen already from the latest SS 21 haute couture show that things at Valentino take a different turn. It seemed that Pier Paolo Piccioli seems to make a high fashion line more “within everyone's reach”. A completely different fashion show compared to the classic Valentino haute couture, even red was able to be the protagonist.

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So, I wondered if they wanted to make the boundary between the various collections ever thinner and make the customer more hybrid in his purchase, and then come to the idea that their intention was to streamline the lines, go back a little to the origin and focus on the label of "maison de couture”.

And so in recent days the maison announced its intention to focus on the main brand and to suspend the second line RED Valentino starting from 2024.

The intent is therefore to get closer to greener businesses and give Piccioli the opportunity, as CEO Jacopo Venturini explains, to focus on a single message for the brand so as to bring organic growth to the house.

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Together with this decision, Valentino announces that it will cease the inclusion of furs of animal origin in its collections. Valentino Polar will close its doors at the end of 2021 and the last collection to include fur will be the FW 21-22 and then Valentino will become fur-free in all respects.


Not many know, however, that when we talk about sustainability there is also a concept that arises concurrently with it, and that is the so-called corporate welfare” and the protection of the well-being of its employees.

Following the communication of the closures of the Polar and RED Valentino lines, concerns began for the workers of the production plants in question. About 66 out of 400 workers risk their jobs in RV alone.


Covid-19 hit the Roman fashion house hard, which closed the 2020 budget year with a loss of 90, 195 million. An alarming figure when compared with the 2019 turnover of 1.22 billion.

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Now we just have to wait until July 15th and enjoy the long-awaited haute couture in Venice that takes the name of Valentino Des Ateliers in a completely new landscape for the maison, but as Piccioli said: “All these energies have brought my vision to Venice. This city genuinely and spontaneously generates vibrations on art, theater, music, architecture, cinema and everything that has to do with creativity”.