Chitè Lingerie x Silvian Heach: the Christmas capsule collection

Choose your favorite slip!

By acrimonia

Funny, ironic and made of excellent quality. The panties of Chitè Lingerie, the Italian underwear brand founded by two women, are now a must-have... who can resist these girly panties that always have an embroidered message on the back?

We tell you: nobody! For this Christmas the brand has decided to join another Italian brand to create an exclusive capsule collection, perfect for gifts to your friends.

Chitè Lingerie x Silvian Heach provides three panties with a typical silhouette, made in satin, in three different colors: burgundy, sugar paper and gold. If you are wondering what the embroidered messages will be instead, we will immediately reveal them to you: "E adesso?", "Try Again!" and "Consomme-moi".

What are you waiting for? Find them for sale on www.silvianheach.com and on www.chite-lingerie.com