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Who is behind the Soraya The Label project, a lingerie brand that makes inclusivity and more its strength?

Chiara Glionna and Betta Creuso are two young creatives whose mission is to produce only when necessary, respecting the world they handle with care


Coming out of Milan Polytechnic, with a degree in Fashion Design, they stand out for their ability to have created a 4.0 lingerie brand that combines reactionary vision and green commitment. 

The first thing that jumps out at you when you turn on the camera are Chiara's big eyes and the appeal of Betta. The partnership between the two is so genuine it is frightening.

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Hello girls, the first sentence that intrigues on opening your site is: “Soraya the label is an ethical, eco-sustainable and inclusive brand made in Italy.” What distinguishes an ethical brand from an unethical brand and what does it mean, without rhetoric, to set up an inclusive brand?

We start from the premise that creating means producing and it is complex to get out of this logic when you are the head of a brand. Our mindset and values involve assessing all the sustainable options available to us, taking note of them and applying them whenever possible. Underlying our credo, however, is the need to impact as little as possible. That is why our garments are created from existing garments.

How did the name Soraya come about and what is the meaning?

The day we decided the project would be called that, we searched the web for girls' names. The search then got wider and we came up with Soraya, Persian princess. It means “as beautiful as the sun and the moon together”

Why should a potential buyer choose you and not another of the countless sustainable fashion proposals?

Although there are several sustainable lingerie brands, our strength lies in the image proposition. We noticed at an early stage that the lingerie world is split in two: on the one hand hyper sexualisation, on the other hand super basic. In our own small way we try to combine these two concepts without excluding either one or the other.

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When do you start, if you start selling?

Being handmade, the number of pieces is limited. They are unique garments. We were lucky because by conveying a very specific mood, we started to arouse interest in people who wanted to try and experience the products right away.

Soraya the label appears more as merchandising of your vision rather than an actual brand: is this a choice or a necessity?

It is a great strength. And it is the message we want to get across. Soraya was born as a need: Chiara has a great sense of aesthetics that she manages to translate photographically, on the other hand there is my idea of the product that is grounded.

How did your university background influence the ethical strand you espoused?

The Politecnico di Milano, unlike many fashion universities, has a very technical and industrial imprint. It gives you an imprinting related to the functioning of the machine. This has greatly affected our education with respect to concepts such as, for example, the production chain. It was, however, the people we met who passed on to us values such as sharing, respect for the planet and inclusiveness.

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Is nudity in 2023 a reactionary expression?

It depends on the way one communicates it. Through the body, one is self-determined. Through Soraya, we want to send the message of validation of any body type.

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