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Hunt for the strangest Advent calendar

The Advent calendar has gone from an innocent morning ritual for impatient children eager to open gifts under the tree to yet another Christmas obsession for parents and perpetual adolescents. Let's take a look at the weirdest ones and those to avoid.


There was a time, not too long ago, when the Advent calendar was one of the few pre-Christmas rituals to accompany children's anticipation, eager to dive into the gifts already present under the Christmas tree and those that would appear only on December 25th (or on other dates depending on latitudes and customs). Then, fortunately, even this innocent countdown was bitten by the voracious jaws of consumerism, as Marx might have said if he had found himself wandering through stores where fathers, older brothers, and thirtysomethings with easy Mastercards replenish their stocks of questionable and improbable advent calendars.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with bringing home yet another demonstration that Christmas is now just a massive commercial operation that starts in mid-September and ends with the sales of panettone at the end of January. So, let's see which of these essential pre-Christmas products we could gift ourselves to give meaning to the first 24 days of December with small but certainly useful morning gifts.

@cristianocervigni E finalmente sono arrivato gli soacchettamenti dei calendari dell’avvento Kinder cioccolatosi!! Il primo è questo a forma di casa, pagato 9,99€! Top o flop? ❤️ #calendariodellavvento #kinder #calendarioavvento #trend ♬ suono originale - Cristiano Cervigni

For the man who never has to ask, here is the Bosch calendar with a cutter, corkscrew, multifunctional wrench, and versatile screwdriver. This way, any Christmas gifts from Ikea can be assembled with athletic plasticity. But because the eye also wants its share, here is the bath & body grooming kit, with 24 compartments containing soaps, lotions, combs, bracelets, carabiners, nail clippers, and bath salts. But man does not live by tools and shaving alone, so here is the Advent calendar for the avid golfer: balls, hand warmers, strange nails with mysterious uses, small plastic cones, and other similar gadgets for experts in clubs and holes.

For travel enthusiasts, there's a calendar with 24 packages dedicated to iconic cities like Paris, Toronto, Sydney, and New York, a way to guide the planning of the next holidays. Still within the realm of irresistible passions, there's the Böker Plus Advent calendar for 2023, which, box by box, allows you to build your own Christmas pocket knife. Pocket-sized like the miniature wine bottles hidden in the 24 compartments of the wine calendar, to arrive at Christmas already well-stocked. Finally, as these are gifts for adults, we couldn't miss the "Oh... I'm coming 2023" Advent calendar, dedicated to the pleasures of the flesh but also suitable for vegans, if you catch my drift.

@messua_n Sono tutti troppo belli 😭 Li avrei comprati tutti 😂 #calendariodellavvento #calendariobeauty #ugcbeautycontentcreator Miglior calendario avvento 2023 Calendario avvento multibrand Regali di natale femminili Calendario Asos Calendario sephora Calendario cult beauty Calendario look fantastic @GOODIEBOX @Sephora Italia @LOOKFANTASTIC @Cult Beauty #greenscreen ♬ Christmas Music - Memusic

For cosmetics enthusiasts, there's the nail advent calendar, with 25 surprise compartments dedicated to the care and decoration of that part of the hand's phalanx that seems to have gained more interest than the rest of the hand. The hand, in turn, will appreciate the First Class Advent calendar dedicated to skin well-being for face and body, to maintain a firm and hydrated complexion. Hydrated like the bank account of those who will indulge in the post-Christmas calendar from Maison Francis Kurkdjian: just over 900 euros to mark the days between Christmas and New Year with perfumes, elixirs, candles, and shimmering oil.

Candles, scented soaps, lipsticks, oils, and creams are also found in Guerlain's Hive of Wonders: 600 euros of small, satisfying morning surprises before the, presumably proportionate, one on Christmas. If the countdown to December 25th isn't all roses and flowers, Maxilia offers a solution: an advent calendar made entirely of sustainably produced Belgian chocolate with Cocoa Horizons certification. Photos and images of choice can be printed on each square to personalize each day: you provoke me, and I'll eat you! Let's end on a high note before Christmas arrives with Armani Beauty and the calendar with 12 full-sized and 12 miniature formats of perfumes, makeup, and skincare: 210 euros and fears fade away, even that of the Grinch.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios