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Benedetta Bruzziches: undisputed queen of the Met Gala 2021

The precious and Made in Italy accessory that has conquered Hollywood

By Fabiola Graziosi

You know, the Italian charm is irresistible. We at Acrimònia have followed the story of Benedetta Bruzziches' bags since its inception (read this interview) and we can only be proud of the Italian designer who depopulated on the red carpet of the last edition of the Met Gala 2021.

The sparkling bags enriched and completed the look of celebs such as Lourdes Ciccone (daughter of Madonna), Rachel Zegler and Zoey Deutch.

The triumph of Italianness in Hollywood is a reason for pride, so let's continue with the view of the wonderful looks.


Images: Benedetta Bruzziches Press Office