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MET GALA 2021: everything we know about the (new) MET

After a year off, the Metropolitan Museum of Art reopens its doors to the most important event in the fashion world, this year back in physical form. What has changed? What is the theme? And what to expect?

By acrimonia

We left with Lady Gagathe then godmother who on her arrival at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York put on a show thanks to the clothes Brandon Maxwell, a young American designer, had designed for her, perfectly embodying the "Camp" the way she knows it.

It was May 2019, and everything was still normal.

The title of the exhibition and theme of the evening was “Camp: Notes on Fashion”: glitz, excess, extravagance and a taste of kitsch dominated the red carpet. A theme that saw designers putting their creativity into play without too many barriers and that allowed and forgave almost everything.

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The 2020 edition, which took place digitally due to the pandemic due to Covid19, had as its theme "About Time: Fashion and Duration" and wanted to show in a chronological and unchronological way nearly 150 years of the history of fashion and costume.

A theme that wanted to pay homage not only to the iconicity of fashion as very often clothes and accessories became a symbol of an era, but also its ephemeral and cyclical character, made up of contaminations, revolutions and different interpretations, some of which later became history .

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We arrive to 2021: the canonical annual event of May has been postponed to September, exactly on the 13th, in a slightly different way.

Although the purpose and dynamics remain unchanged, the modalities of the event will not. Firstly, the exhibition will be divided into two parts: the first in September, precisely on the 13th, and the second in May. The inauguration in September will in fact be a more "intimate" ceremony, most likely to avoid crowds of the public and paparazzi on the famous steps of the museum.

But beware, intimate does not mean private, and here we come to the second novelty of this edition: the event will be streamed exclusively on the Vogue website to which everyone can have access. This is truly a unique opportunity to see all the background of the event that until now had been kept hidden, so much so that it was forbidden to disclose, especially for commercial purposes, videos and photos taken inside the Met Ball (small exception for the "Bathroom selfies", do you remember them?)

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Another indirect news concerns the certainly not entirely random choice of the so-called "co-chairmen" of this edition, all very young members of Generation Z: Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman and tennis player Naomi Osaka.

The chairmen of the committee are the indisputable Anna Wintour, the American stylist and director Tom Ford and Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram since 2018.

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Finally, we come to the theme of the MET Gala 2021 and the related exhibition organized by the Costume Institute. Divided into two parts, the first exhibition is entitled "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion", while the second one "In America: An Anthology of Fashion". A celebration of American fashion and its talents, both new and historic.

More precisely, the dress code of the evening, as reported by Vogue Italia, will be “American Independence”, a theme that leaves a lot of freedom of interpretation.

There will be sequins, rhinestones and glitter, red-white-blue 4th of July style looks and important social, cultural and political stances.

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Here we come to the core that, in my opinion, could really make this edition unique and memorable.

The United States of America has always represented freedom, innovation, progress, inclusiveness, diversity, new possibilities, the future ... in short, the American Dream.

In recent years, however, we have seen another face of America, made up of consumerism, capitalism, inequality and brutality. The land that seemed to be ready to welcome anyone who built walls, withdrew its outstretched hand to help those in need and closed its eyes to injustice. All this hurricane has made citizens strongly involved, with positions taken by exponents of different industries causing real revolutions (do you remember the Black Lives Matter movement that found supporters all over the world?).

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For its part, fashion has for a long time been a tool and spokesperson for enormous changes. Fashion, the real one, becomes a mirror of society as it is influenced by everything that happens around it: it tells of a reality that at times leads to fantasy, at times it is abstract, at others it transforms into parallel worlds and dimensions, at other times it conveys and spreads important messages, but always starting from contemporary reality.

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If the pandemic has pushed people and the fashion industry to reflect on their work and how to improve things, the link between what America represents and what Fashion represents is thus becoming deeper. The theme chosen for this edition of the MET therefore offers the possibility of shedding light on current issues and problems with real “statements”, both by celebrities and by stylists.

And you, what do you expect and what would you like to see on the red carpet?



Credit Images: Dia Dipasupil on Vogue