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Bartender's life: Interview with Morris Mau

Maurizio Maramaldi, known as Morris Mau, tells his story on Acrimònia


We met Maurizio Maramaldi, known as Morris Mau, a ten-year successful bartender based in Milan. His career begins at the Dude Club in Milan and then touches local realities such as the Bulgari Hotel, the Apophis Club and the Portal Club of the Deus Ex Machina brand. Bartender’s life Intervista a Morris Mau_acrimoniamagazine Here's what he told us: Tell us something about yourself and your profession. Morris Mau, what to say? I am a colorful philanthropist, often and controversially, a romantic visionary full of alcohol. Drink mixer. I define myself as the result of a blood cocktail crossed between the Caribbean, Cameroon and the Puglia region, in short: “a capa nun è bona!” I am a lover of classical music and Campari, a former violinist who loves cinema and the paradoxes of life. Which is your ideal drink? My favorite drink? I don’t know. What I'm most fond of this year is the “Fresh Mau”. The ingredients are Branca Menta, soda, ice and... go! Bartender’s life Intervista a Morris Mau_acrimoniamagazine2 And your ideal cocktail bar? My ideal cocktail is where there is good ice, treated with love and where you don’t wait to drink, where you feel at home and you are comfortable. And where you see the beautiful. Even the eye wants its part. How was your passion for the bartending world born? I entered the world of bartending crawl, not to say on the elbows! Joking aside... when I was a kid I only remember the fun of the working aspect, then the first experiments began for friends and family, from the “Mojito” to the beautiful “Sea Breeze” with Israeli grapefruit squeezed. Then curiosity and true passion I owe to mentors like Stafforini, Enrico Contro, Fabio Spinelli, Mattia Lissoni and Patrick Greco. Bartender’s life Intervista a Morris Mau_acrimoniamagazine3 How about your future projects? My future projects are ready for yesterday... in pre-batch course! This year the collaboration in Milan with the Tunnel Club will continue on the initiative called “Gimme Five!!”, or 5 Drink Gourmet recipes from the best cocktail bars in the city that I will choose during this “Take It Easy” season on Saturday (greetings to Dj LMP and Bugsy). Then I will certainly continue to take care of customers who over the years have become good friends... even if the last ones never leave tips! If you want advice on how to make the private bar of your dreams... or the right evening cocktail based on the horoscope of the day: contact me here. Cheers Guys! Bartender’s life Intervista a Morris Mau_acrimoniamagazine4 CREDITS: Photography: Andrea Jean Varraud Thanks to: Serà Fine Silk