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ARTYGRAM: @hellemardahl

A colorful and clean design, a symbol of Copenhagen's artistic explosion


This new ARTYGRAM episode has as a protagonist, the Danish designer Helle Mardahl, a real multifaceted figure, able to coexist different passions and artistic declinations in a single soul: from design to installation, from painting to sculpture and design of the interior.

Her art offers us an extremely delicate combination of organic forms, rich in volumes and rounded shapes ready to accommodate objects, to illuminate a room or simply to color it with its explosive forms.

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COCKTAIL CREAM TEA 🍡⁠ ⁠ Photo by @majakaren ⁠ ⁠ #CocktailCreamTea #HelleMardahl #GlassBlowing #HandcraftedWithPassion #DanishDesign⁠ ⁠

Un post condiviso da Helle Mardahl (@hellemardahl) in data:

If on the one hand the shape recalls the idea of a particularly massive object, on the other the material chooses to represent the fragility of nature through transparent or solid shades given by the glass: Bon Bon Medi, Candy Dish Mega.

Other unique pieces, such as the Rock Pot, in painted concrete, recall the natural and imprecise texture given by the lime with soft and delicate shapes.

The world of Helle is a world made of a malleable, harmonic art that tells the refinement seen from her point of view.

The apex of her being is found in the creation of unique pieces, with different details, to emphasize that the production of these objects derives from the encounter between her ideas and the skilled hands of Danish artisans.

The essential aesthetic of Helle Mardahl fully represents the emerging artistic explosion of the city of Copenhagen.

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BON BON'S 💘⁠ ⁠ Photo by⁠ ⁠ #CherryOnTop #HelleMardahl #GlassBlowing #HandcraftedWithPassion #DanishDesign⁠ ⁠

Un post condiviso da Helle Mardahl (@hellemardahl) in data:

The return to primitivism, handmade and the strong importance given to sustainability, means that a community linked to these values, now too neglected by the giants of design, persists.

Helle Mardahl reminds us that her precious creations are able to live independently in space, becoming protagonists, or to blend in and become part of the whole, as every organic form manages to do.

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The Candy Dish with the Danish Koldskål. ⁠ #CherryOnTop #HelleMardahl #GlassBlowing #HandcraftedWithPassion #DanishDesign⁠

Un post condiviso da Helle Mardahl (@hellemardahl) in data:

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