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ARTYGRAM: @giada_maestra

The complicity of emotions through female gestures


This new episode of ARTYGRAM sees the illustrator Giada Maestra as the protagonist. Originally from Pordenone, she lives in London where she transformed her passion for drawing born within the walls of the Iuav University of Venice into a real expression of the self.

What is striking about her art is the desire to tell women through the emotions and intimate details that belong to the female sphere. It is the details that are perceived around the solid lines that outline purely naked bodies immersed in daily actions, which characterize his drawings. Starting from an aesthetic linked to the sign, to the artistic sketch, up to the definition of a recognizable style in line with Giada's pragmatic personality.

Giada visually tells us about female gestures, with lively and perfectly balanced palettes, and the sensuality of women through clear frames from a personal point of view, as if those who look at the illustration look at it with the same eyes with which Giada captures her moment. artistic and makes us participate.

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Happy International Women’s Day!❤️🌸❤️🌸 All my love and my thoughts go out to all the women in the world who are fighting their battle every day, remember that we are one and that we need to support each other. Women around me made me the woman I am and I can't stop telling their stories and drawing their beautiful and unique's bodies. . We are such extraordinary creatures❤️. . . . Buona Giornata Internazionale della Donna! ❤️🌸❤️🌸 Il mio affetto e i miei pensieri sono rivolti a tutte le donne nel mondo che stanno combattendo ogni giorno la propria battaglia, ricordate che siamo una cosa sola e che ci dobbiamo sostenere a vicenda. Le donne che mi circondano hanno fatto si diventassi la donna che sono e non smetterò di raccontare le loro storie e di disegnare i loro bellissimi e unici corpi. . Siamo creature straordinarie❤️. . . . #illustration #illustrator #giadamaestraillustrator #giadamaestraillustration #femaleillustrator #internationalwomensday2020 #internationalwomansday #sisters #procreate #pencildrawing #sketch #ipadpro #acrylics #pencil #illustrationoftheday #love #support #family #sisterhood

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A hand coming out of the tub, legs crossed in striped socks, a girl in the kitchen waiting for the coffee that you can almost smell it. Or more simply a soft-boiled egg in the middle of the table, which isolated, becomes the protagonist of Giada's vision in the act of breakfast, and again, two fish just before being cooked in any Sunday lunch with the lemon that decorates and refreshes them.

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These illustrations are also described from the point of view of the five senses, from the touch that is remembered by the streaks of the hair, the well-defined shapes of the bodies and the sense of smell that is accentuated by the colors themselves.

They are illustrations that give importance to elements and details that are usually not seen and taken for granted because they are part of the whole. But they manage to make us imagine an entire action, which is interpreted in a different and personal way depending on the observer, but in that everyday narrated each of us manages to see each other again.

Capturing the perspective of these moments makes Jade's aesthetics real and tactile, underlining a strong focus on "unconventional" points of view that can also involve those who have not lived that same moment.

It means that illustration becomes interactive and is a fundamental attitude because being able to immerse the viewer in the scene means involving them in their own art.

Finally, Giada is an illustrator able to see and tell a never described frame of the female universe. She is able to convey an accurate and well-defined aesthetic to us, giving us back sensations and emotions and to make us live an experience in its entirety when we contemplate her art, synonymous with total freedom and subjectivity.