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5WAY: the incubator of emerging talents in the heart of Milan

The showcase of the new fashion system


The best aspects of a pop-up store merge with those of a digital market place in 5WAY, a project designed to provide young independent designers with a space that functions as a shop and a showroom at the same time. 5WAY will be in Milan for two months, bringing with it a mix of design, fashion, beauty and entertainment.

The mission is clear: to make the coral pink box illuminated by floating tubular LEDs located in the heart of the 5 Vie district become a real incubator for emerging brands. Thanks to this project, in fact, the space, once an art gallery and then a pop concept store with a retro charm, will be available to young designers to be able to communicate with their public and develop their brand through sales and events.

5WAY has represented over 100 emerging designers in recent years, generated a showcase for avant-gard fashion. Ruth Read, Art Director and Co-Founder of the project, carefully selected the new proposals on the basis of uniqueness, modernity and sustainability.

The merit of 5WAY is not only to promote the talent of new proposals, but also to have given life to a unique business of its kind that rewrites the rules of the fashion system. In addition, this fourth edition brings with it many technological improvements, such as the live-streaming shopping platform.

Thanks to technology, designers who have chosen a direct-to-consumer model and the integration of digital and offline channels have a competitive advantage over traditional brands: communicate with a single language and receive immediate feedback, being able to adapt to market changes. , as happened in the last year. Change must be seen as an opportunity and not with fear. The task of 5WAY is to support them in this strategy, helping them to go beyond just creative thinking” declares Roberto Castelluzzo, Co-Founder.

5WAY is in Via Circo 1 in Milan, from 3th May to 10th July 2021.




Image: 5WAY Press Office