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5 reasons to go to Tarifa

The place of wind and waves par excellence is not so hard to reach


Tarifa is born on the southernmost point of Europe. It looks Morocco in the face and smiles at the ever-present wind and true happiness for those who love to ride the waves. It is white and has narrow alleys leading to the port and the castle and is full of bars, restaurants, wineries and beautiful people.

One breathes an atmosphere of calm, drinking beer or glasses of wine and watching what others are doing who are certainly drinking beer or glasses of wine. With a flight to Malaga of about two hours and a drive of as many hours, you arrive where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean merge.

If this description wasn't enough to convince you, here are 5 more reasons to visit:

1. Whale and dolphin sightings. In July and August, orcas can be spotted, while sperm whales and minke whales roam the area from spring until autumn.

2. One day in Algiers. Morocco is only 16 kilometres from the coast of Tarifa. You can see it clearly and it almost seems as if you could swim to it. Better not, though, and take a ferry and why not change continents!

3. Gibraltar. Spain ceded the territory to Great Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 and with an hour's drive you can also reach England. It sounds incredible but it is so.

4. The beaches. Huge white ones with a turquoise sea. Whether you stay in Tarifa or wander around the surroundings, what you encounter are huge sand dunes, flying seagulls and waves, lots of waves. A must is the chiringuito Tumbao where you can relax on the beach and in the garden. There is a restaurant and a bar, various DJs and kite surfers on the horizon that look like kites. It is easily reached. It is only a 10-minute drive from Tarifa city.

5. Prices. In Tarifa you can eat and drink well and the prices compared to Italian ones are very good, not only for restaurants but also for hotels. Highly recommended for a super-typical tuna dinner and not only Restaurante El Ancla on the harbour and for sleeping Posada La Sacristía in the city centre with its Moroccan flavour and perfect welcome!

If you like to be tossed about by the wind, slapped by the waves and kissed by the sun, Tarifa is waiting for you. And of course a beer or a glass of wine.

Enjoy your trip!



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios 

Images by Claudia Riva