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5 glosses that stay on the lips even if you talk a lot

Talking is tiring, as many as 11 muscles of the face are mobilised in order to do so. So, better to surround yourself with the right beauty allies


Talking is not just a verb, an action, a situation, but a national sport. Italians are great orators (or charlatans?) and if we consider that they always add some gesture with their arms or hands to their oral activity, the energy required for such activity is not small.

Lips are important, they are one of the most seductive components of the face, they are the frame through which words are able to reach the eardrums of others, and they are part of an artistic iconography so extensive that one cannot avoid celebrating them.

This is precisely why it is essential to take care of them. First, always have cocoa butter on hand, in your bag (even more than one if you wish), apply it when needed and if the need becomes compulsive, it is absolutely no problem.

Chapstick remains a constant throughout the day, including morning and evening after brushing the teeth. In the evening, it is also advisable every other day to do a scrub to remove any peeling caused by cold, wind, air conditioning, sea salt or other external agents.

If such lip care is carried out, all that remains is to enrich them with a good gloss. Banning lipsticks for this season, the constant must be: ‘I'm all about skincare, but you'll think I look great natural’. Natural then.

Here, then, is a list of 5 glosses to try that stay put on your lips, even after heated debates:

Dior Backstage - Dior Lip Glow Oil

Expensive but moisturises like crazy. Lips will seem protected by a patina of highly polished glass, like a precious work of art. The nuances are varied.

Acrimònia's tip of the season: Cherry colour.

KissKiss Bee Glow Oil - Honey-coloured lip oil

No embarrassment in saying that the design of the cap does a lot. It is actually beautiful and dances too. In fact, it has a rich percentage of honey inside, which makes it very moisturising. The shades it comes in define the contours of the lips very well.


kess, the indie beauty brand from Berlin, is always a guarantee. To date, in fact, no product has disappointed expectations. The glosses are one of the latest product launches and are perfect for everyday use. They deeply nourish and give a natural appearance.

Fenty Treatz - Oil for dry lips

Those with dry lips who try this Fenty gloss can't help but idolise Rihanna for the rest of their lives. Transparent, non-sticky and super nourishing, it adds shine, fulfilling the duties of a gloss, but also repairs lips by strengthening their skin barrier.

GISOU - Honey Infused Lip Oil - Honey lip oil

It's a bit of Instagram's fault here. The gloss by GISOU, a brand by Negin Mirsalehi, is a perfect design object that ennobles any handbag model. Besides being very cool, this product nourishes and lightly colours the lips. Shade recommended by Acrimònia: strawberry sorbet.

Before you think about buying one of these glosses, however, use lip balm and take care of your lips.



Illustrations by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios