5 simple but catchy gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Down with cynicism, long live love!

By Margherita Verdiani

We don't wanna hear the contemptuous comment of those who, while we're choosing our restaurant for Valentine's Day, look suffliciently to us. We're not interested in the misanthropic theories behind every “you've all been cheated” said by this cynical guy who thinks he made a funny joke (dude it's 2020). And it won't certainly be this handwritten love letter to crack the fight against consumerism, a card that many like to play on February 14th, 'cause we know, hypocrites like to win easy

We have the international day of slowness, the emoji one, and also the international day of the left handed people (don't know why these people feel so special – they're not a protected endangered species) and really, REALLY you can't stand a couple of -maybe too sweet- photos posted on Instagram on Valentine's Day? Perhaps you're trying to embody the perfect non-conformist model or perhaps you're just not into cheesy stuff. Anyway: the first eye-roll is allowed, on the second, please, close everything.

Thoughtful presents are always welcome. On Valentine's day they're more than simply welcome, and we don't want to discontinue this beautiful tradition.

We want to give you some ideas for the perfect gift, stuck to the classic but make it cool:

Bea Bongascia's new heart charms: little precious jewels created by Bea, in many pop colors, to celebrate this big love day. Take a look at her website and fall in love with her fancy creations. Jewels are always a good idea.

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Have a Heart charms 🎨 All the colours 🎨 The @museshowroom project won the Feel Good award at yesterday’s @townandcountrymag Jewelry Awards! 💎 #museshowroom #townandcountry #beabongiasca #heart

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A fresh flower bouquet by Colvin – are you miles and miles away from your better half? No problem, Colvin is coming for you, a flower delivery service in just 24 hours. You have to choose your fave bouquet, time and delivery date and your Valentine's day is solved. Tip: anemones bloom in February, and anemones bouquets are beautiful.

Chocolates by Marchesi'who loves you gives you chocolates', no clichè more true than this. Chocolates box is the quintessence of the Valentine's day gift, and the Marchesi's packaging is a feast for the eyes.

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Add your partner’s initials to #Marchesi1824 raspberry and dark #chocolate pralines to make the sweetest #love letter. ⠀ #ValentinesDay

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The writing letter set by Il Papiro – a love letter is perhaps the most precious gift you'll evere recive or give (dead heat with jewels) and why do it on rag paper when you can buy it from the Il Papiro ecommerce? The set is composed by sheet and envelope and also you can choose between many handmade decorations (!!!).

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Nothing like a beautiful card for an important message. Which one would you pick??? 💌💌💌💌💌✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️ #ilpapirofirenze

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Go out for dinner, have a trip and enjoy it if you can, reach your love and celebrate as you want. Take the time for you 'cause Valentine's day is giving you this opportunity.

Don't spare your feelings, it's never enough if it's about love.