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Vinitaly reopens after two years

Verona from 10 to 13 April

By Gianfranco Gatta

Finally, after two years in Verona, Vinitaly returns, perhaps the most important wine fair in the world.

It is a sign that, albeit with difficulty, we are leaving behind two years of a terrible pandemic and it is a hope that even in times of war life continues with ostentatious optimism; these are signs that are good for the collective spirit.

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Since its inception,1967, Vinitaly has contributed to the growth and development of the entire Italian wine department that in 2021 produced a record turnover of 12 billion euros, with an increase in exports of 15%, positioning Italy as the world leader in wine production, ahead of France and Spain. He has contributed to the promotion of spirits and olive oil and over time he has become an ambassador abroad, bringing sections of the Fair around the world. For over fifty years he has contributed to "make system" representing the Made in Italy.

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This year around 4,440 exhibitors, 700 professional buyers from 50 countries will take part; hotels and B&Bs register sold out in view of a turnout of 155,000 visitors. Important numbers that do not protect the event from some criticism from many sides.

Cristiana Lauro, wine chronicler and writer, in her article for "Dagospia" announces that after eighteen years she gives up going to the Fair, finding it obsolete and highlighting the excessive cost of the ticket for common visitors,100 euros.

There are many producers who raise strong doubts about the Vinitaly model starting with Matteo Ascheri, wine entrepreneur and president of the Consorzio di tutela di Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani who in an interview with Maria Chiara Giacosa, "La Repubblica" highlights both the high costs of participation, 20 thousand euros for 16 square meters of stand that the need to rethink the model Fair, now completely obsolete. His proposal is not devoid of logic: "The Langhe and Monferrato are a unique, an ecosystem: those who want to know us must come to see us. As you do for the coral reef: you don’t show it around the world, if you want to see it go where it is."

Interesting considerations but as we say: "Do not throw the dirty water with the whole child", so it is important that this year the Wine Fair starts again and that it resumes its international role, for the necessary corrections appointment in 2023.

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