Trump has spiked FOREO's sales and doesn't even know it

A press conference was enough to get UFO 2 devices snapped up

By Elisa Grasso

A few weeks ago, during a press conference, the President of the United States Donald Trump showed a strong hesitation on the possible correlation between Covid-19 and a possible cure through light and heat, unleashing the best medical professionals in the USA.

A few days later, the well-known Swedish skintech brand FOREO recorded an incredible increase in sales of UFO 2, the revolutionary new face mask device that uses its own light and heat to treat the skin.

Through your cutting-edge technology UFO 2 is able to offer a luxurious and relaxing wellness experience without leaving the comfort of your own home by combining cryotherapy, T-Sonic pulsations and full spectrum LED light therapy with eight different colors depending on needs.

Your skin will receive a boost of brightness and will be crazy (and never orange, ça va sans dire)!

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