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Getting married at the age of 50

There is no right age to get married, or is there?


It is never too late to say yes, in fact the later the better. On the other hand, what is the hurry to get married? For instance, if you are 20, how the hell can you be sure that this is the man/woman of your life? And if you are 35? Ditto, but if you're almost 50, unless you've completely lost your marbles in the throes of alcohol and drugs, you can't go wrong.

The positive aspects crackle like sparks compared to the negative ones.

Let's start with the numbers. If you get married at the threshold of 50, it is very likely that your partner is either the same age as you or older than you, so the promise you make to each other to “spend the rest of your life together” has a 90% chance of success for the simple reason that there is obviously less time left than if you were 30. No, it is not cynicism, it is reality!

Let's get to the practical part, reaching the threshold of 50 makes everyone a little more patient, understanding, meek and cautious so it is difficult for this step to be taken lightly. You do things with a different awareness and if they go well, hurray, and if they go wrong... there's always an ex who got divorced.  

It's difficult for someone to force you to have a religious wedding in church because usually that “someone” is the parents who, if they are alive, don't have the strength to argue with a 50 year old.

And finally, it is very likely that this choice will come after a long cohabitation, so no surprises about traumatic habits that might annoy such as: snoring, not putting the toilet seat down, pleasing friends, loving or not loving animals, cooking heavy or too light, taking comfortable holidays or adventure trips, in short, the test has already been done, surprises should be few or far between.

So let's move on to the rules to follow that apply to everyone:

  • Prefer the most refined and austere civil ceremony. 
  • Avoid bombastic, long, pompous and princely dresses for women but prefer, following your own style, something simple but elegant.
  • For women yes to white, for men yes to jeans but not light ones unless you are at the seaside.
  • Go for accessories, yes to vintage always, maybe a family piece.
  • Yes to wedding rings.
  • For women the password is to forget the bouquet, also because who do you throw it to? Yes to a flower, held with detachment.
  • Choose guests, even if few in number, who can embarrass your partner's family... it is OK to marry with rigour, but always have fun.




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