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Are we now different consumers?

Our new shopping habits for SS20

By Claudia Matrisciano

It is undeniable that today we are experiencing the result of three anomalous months, far from what our lives were. At the same time, now, we are living a slightly different life than before.

In short, everything is a continuous and constant change.

Working in the online world and doing some research, I tried to understand what today’s consumers want.

Between research on trends and social networks, I have extrapolated a small classification of the four areas to which, especially the consumers, are looking at right now.

Vintage and searching vintage online

In recent months I have come across many IG profiles of girls who have built an online vintage business.

Certainly this period taught (not everyone but at least someone) how important the concept of sustainability is. This is why the search for vintage clothes, shirts or costumes online has registered a crazy surge.

In the last 90 days, in Italy, one of the most googled terms is Levi’s denim; in the period during and after quarantine there were many girls who knew the love for vintage and for the iconic and timeless Levi’s 501, who, to date, at least in Italy, have had, in terms of sales and not just research, an increase never seen before.

The white t-shirt

For the “one jeans and one shirt” series, in this period loves were born again for products that we previously considered absolutely useless.

I will give you an example. Have you ever wondered what was so important about a simple white cotton t-shirt? Well, know that now all that matters is finding the perfect white t-shirt.

Always from the world of social networks, which is what we live most online, at the moment there is the desperate obsession, in a good sense of course, to find the perfect, iconic, white t-shirt.

This makes us understand how today’s consumers, or rather of the last few months and early summer 2020, are looking for simple things that are really worth spending their money on.

For many, this amiable and ironic obsession with this product may seem stupid, but in reality nothing more than the search for simplicity.


A trend of the last few years (actually already present since the early 2000s) started with Simon Porte JacquemusLes Chiquito and continued with the myriad reinterpretations of luxury brands and fast fashion, is the mini bag.

Of every shape, color, size and material. The mini-bag is surely the object of desire of many consumers, but also of consumers, just think of all the small bags to wear around your neck or vintage bags (here it comes back) to be found on portals such as Depop or Vestiaire Collective, which needless to say, they have been some of the most visited secondhand sales portals in recent months.


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We got dressed and felt cute

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An impressive legacy from the quarantine period is that of home and non-home training.

Many understood that they could not even go back to the gym, others learned or became passionate about some sports.

For this reason, the need to have everything necessary to implement the “beach body 2020” plan has become clear.

The giants of sportswear, but also smaller, and above all sustainable, sports brands have experienced an increase in the demand for their products.

It is known to everyone, and anyone who says no lies in a shameless way, that to be truly motivated in doing sports you need the perfect outfit completely matched from head to toe.

The most searched keywords and products purchased in the last month were: “online sportswear” and “women's sportswear”.

From all these buying trends, it can be seen that the most important thing seems to be that, no longer counts the price but the quality of what I buy. For those who have the possibility, in this economically difficult moment, it seems to be preferable to buy, online or in the physical store, products for which it is worth spending a few euros more and that they actually serve.

If we had to think according to keywords I would say that the dominant keyword, and that perhaps previously went unnoticed, is that of durability.

The time and gratification of having bought something more expensive, more lasting and therefore more sustainable, is today the true distinctive feature to which average consumers aim (and even younger ones).

Whether it is to play sports or to live our daily lives, our will is to research what we need while also being willing to pay more.

We must ask ourselves then: are we perhaps going down to the pacts with sustainability?

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