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Can you really imagine that the final of the European Championships is at the top of the thoughts of the current leaders of Europe?

Brexit, the unfinished

By Gianfranco Gatta

At the end of the summit between Angela Merkel and Mario Draghi, where there was mainly a discussion on the relocation of immigrants, the Italian Premier at the press conference surprised everyone: "Yes, I will work to ensure that the final of the Europeans does not take place in countries where contagion is growing ".

Merkel not only did not contradict this but added: “Great Britain is a variant risk zone of the virus. All those who arrive from there have to stay 14 days in quarantine and the exceptions are very few. I believe, indeed I don't believe, I hope UEFA will act responsibly. I would not find it good that there were full stadiums there ”.

And here Draghi had the courtesy not to point out that the quarantine for those arriving from the United Kingdom in Italy is only five days.

This was enough to send the entire Italian sports press into raptures, which with its unbearable rhetoric immediately praised the European final at the Olimpico in Rome.

Uefa replied that it is unthinkable to move the venue of the final, while the English, with all the arrogance they are capable of, have said that they will fill the Wembley stadium with 80,000 people.

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Meanwhile, for the round of 16, the England-Germany match, won by the English, saw Wembley fill up with more than 40,000 spectators, almost all British, given the Covid-19 restrictions adopted by the U.K., in terms of quarantine.

The much vaunted English sportsmanship has "proved" with all its "smallness" by forbidding the Germans to train on the field of the stadium, as usual, with the excuse of preserving the turf for the quarters.

Can you really imagine that the final of the European Championships is at the top of the thoughts of the two current leaders of Europe?

It is clear that Brexit is still unfinished and brings with it aftermath and problems of complicated solution, as it is clear that a game of chess is being played; it can be said that the match at Wembley is equivalent to the move of the horse, to stay with the metaphor.

In Great Britain itself there is no shortage of perplexities, a YouGov survey conducted on over 3 thousand UK citizens, 72% consider Brexit still incomplete, while only 9% believe that the process is over and still, 25% believe it is going well, another 25% think it is not going well or badly, 38% believe that it is going badly.

Boris Johnson has serious internal problems that derive from the same agreements made at European level and mainly of a commercial nature; starting with the so-called "sausage war" between Ireland and Northern Ireland and not only for a matter of duties but also of health rules.

A controversy that extends to France together with the dispute over territorial waters and consequently to free fishing.

The recent five-year agreement between the EU and the UK on the “transition period and conditions of access to waters and territories”, found the naval blockade of about eighty French fishing boats, decidedly opposed.

And the agreement on the fight against climate change still needs to be formalized together with that of competition between British and European companies, which includes the issue of automatic access to the European single market for financial companies based in the United Kingdom.

An open front also with Spain on the Gibraltar issue, an English enclave in Spain, where about 15 thousand workers cross the border every day.

Ideologies and reasons of principle are totally absent from these "tables", they are only commercial interests and since the British, historically, are considered the best merchants in the world it is natural that they tend to pay their duties as little as possible and maximize the most their profits as possible.

No wonder if "the move of the horse" implemented by Draghi and Merkel is a first signal for Her Majesty's rulers, to say that all their prosopopoeia is no longer acceptable.

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