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How disabling a pimple can be only those who have had it know

Beauty stories


Episode 1

Whether it's a dinner party, a hot date, a job interview or simply a ride with friends, pimples have been known to turn quite a few heads regardless of age. Yes, because acne is not only a gift of adolescence but can also affect adults. This condition mainly appears on the face, but sometimes also on the back and more rarely on the neck and chest. In Italy, acne spoils appointments and affects the serenity of 6 million people. Of these about 60% are teenagers, of which 15-20% are cases of severe acne.

The most annoying thing? Acne is like the ex-boyfriend who hurt you: it can leave traces and even deep ones. Often regarded only as a cosmetic problem, acne is actually a real disease and must be dealt with as such. It should also not be underestimated because of the emotional stress it can cause the sufferer, but while an ex-boyfriend can't be erased by a collagen-shooting machine or a laser, acne can. For me it wasn't an obsession but a nuisance to be eradicated because that pimple or pimples always came at the wrong time, not that there was a right one, then...

I was over 30 years old, I was in a difficult relationship and during a weekend away from Italy, not a pimple but a family of pimples decided to grow in an overbearing and arrogant manner exactly in the centre of my face. I tried everything, antibiotic creams, prayers, hot salty water compresses, shaman rituals, Tea Tree Oil until a friend of mine suggested Ictammol cream, which indeed worked but it was time at my disposal that played against me.

So I opted for a patch full of Ictammol for the whole trip when I was alone, sunglasses by day and a smile on my face for 2 romantic dinners. Because with the smiling expression, that extremely forced smile, the family of pimples appeared stretched out and seemed less noticeable.

After 2 days my jaw was out of joint, but in the end I got away with it. 

For years I carried the scars of both that cursed family of pimples and the ex-boyfriend with me until I decided to erase those scars and I did it with an invasive but miraculous technology.

The Perfaction Enerjet 2.0 is a device that allows any substance to be introduced into the thickness of the skin or underneath it without the use of needles. The chosen material (usually hyaluronic acid) is inoculated thanks to a very high pressure that pushes it into the thickness of the skin. Once introduced into the skin, the material explodes (we speak of the Blast Effect) into thousands of tiny droplets that move in a centrifugal direction (just like the fragments of a bomb) creating, like microscopic bullets, thousands of micro-channels. 

The effect after the treatment, which is painless but very uncomfortable, is that of having had a close encounter with a swarm of bees stinging your face at every angle. But the results are incredible.

The recovery time is at least 5 days where the swellings stretch out and the collagen erases the scars but not the heart ones. Those just time and a lot of patience, but with a scarless face everything is easier... how do you say "far from the face far from the heart"? It wasn't quite like that, but it definitely gives the idea! 



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios