What are the make-up news of this spring?

Discover them all

By Valentina A

With a spring spent almost completely in isolation at home, the possibilities of showing off new and wonderful make-up have been reduced to a minimum, but with the approach of summer and the prospect of starting a normal life again, we all feel an impetus towards new (and purchase!).

The layered and dusty make-ups that often prove to be very precious to hide tiredness, signs of the cold and grayish color typical of winter will leave room for more natural and luminous looks, quick to make in order not to lose even a minute of the beautiful days and with a extra attention to sun protection for skin and hair.

Here are the most interesting news:

#SOPRACCIGLIAMOOD eyebrows kit Schwarzkopf

Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the face: they frame the gaze and give it intensity. Very important, therefore, to give them the right shape and thickness, as well as height, angle and color. The brand new Schwarzkopf Eyebrow Kit, the perfect tool for "do it yourself" eyebrows, beautiful to look at and quick to put on make-up, with which color and volume are guaranteed, is the color. Easy to use thanks to the precision applicator, it gives a permanent coloring (up to 4 weeks for 10 applications) for a natural and lasting result. It intensifies and defines the eyebrows and is available in three shades: black, light brown and dark brown.

Sephora Collection #eyestories palette

Four new hyper pigmented mini palettes with a very good chromatic balance (ideal, therefore, to be carried in a purse or on the go) that tell a story.

Fresh Florals, inspired by the Amsterdam flower market, with fresh and bright shades, Southwest Sunrise, warmer and more enveloping, inspired by sunrise in the deep American West, Caffeine, Please! with deeper shades, which evoke the colors of coffee and Sunset Over The Pier, inspired by the splendid sunsets of Santa Monica with brighter shades, both delicate and deep. What to say except that we want them all?

Deborah Milano Aqua Tint Lipstick

Deborah Milano has created a range of innovative lipsticks that give the lips an explosion of intense color in a long lasting formula based on water and aloe vera.

Aqua Tint Lipstick offers 8 shades in a practical and fun "marker" format that is very easy to apply. Enriched with Aloe Vera, a natural active ingredient with moisturizing properties, the water-based lip dyes give the lips a pleasant "fresh effect" but at the same time lasting sensation.

Sigma Beauty Brush Spa

Brushes are the most important part of make-up: a product suitable for your needs and performing is a winning choice but it will not perform its task at maximum performance if it is not perfectly clean.

Sigma, a leading company in the sector, a passionate team made up of 90% women, offers, exclusively for Sephora.it, two indispensable allies for cleaning brushes.

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat is an innovative brush cleaning mat, made up of 7 different patented textures for washing face and eye brushes; it is equipped with suction cups that adapt to almost all surfaces and, thanks to it, we will save time by obtaining perfectly clean brushes.

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove, on the other hand, is a glove for cleaning brushes; its surface is equipped with 7 different and patented textures to easily clean the eye and face brushes. It has a universal strap to wrap around the wrist and thumb (right or left) which prevents the glove from moving, and is easily transportable thanks to its small size.