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Why move in together before the age of 30

Strategic move or trickery?


The north star becomes “staying”, we established this some time ago. Living together, however, is not necessarily synonymous with “being there”. One can prove that one exists for the other even 2000 km away, and today the ways are endless.

Without wishing to give too much credit to Emily Ratajkowski for her latest statements that divorcing before the age of thirty would be chic, there may indeed be some truth in the advantages of taking a major step before suddenly finding oneself more adult than young.


personally i find it chic to be divorced by the age of 30

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Here are a few.

  • Experimenting with living together:
    One of the main reasons why people opt for cohabitation before the age of 30 is the opportunity to learn how to live with a partner. This period offers a valuable opportunity to get to know each other better (for better or worse), discover each other's daily routines and try to manage challenges without cursing each other.
  • Sharing of financial responsibilities:
    This can be especially beneficial for young adults who are still trying to establish their financial independence. Sharing expenses can ease the financial burden and allow them to save for the future.

  • Creating shared memories:
    Spending more moments together does not necessarily reduce the quality of those moments but allows the relationship to be strengthened in view of new projects.

  • Put to the test:
    If done with extreme frankness and clarity, this step can lead to a stronger and more fulfilling relationship in the long term.
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So? To the posterity of the test, the arduous judgement.
Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios