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World Meteorological Organization: between 2021 and 2025 we will have the hottest year ever recorded

Courses and Appeals

By Gianfranco Gatta

Once again it all depends on the Communication. The instrumental use of the Media for propaganda, marketing and economic purposes, by experts in hidden persuasion is increasingly pressing and effective thanks to the almost total lack of investigative journalism, as already mentioned several times.

A great expert in these techniques is Zahi Hawass, director of the Giza Plateau, that magical strip of land where the three most famous Pyramids in the world and the enigmatic Sphinx stand.

For more than ten years, around February / March on the eve of the tourist season, Hawass announced new alleged discoveries among the excavations near the Plain, thus attracting the attention of tourists to Egypt.

Venial sin, one could say. Much more serious are the warnings that are made every two or three years on the overwhelming return of AIDS among the populations of Africa, South America and Asia; serious because reports of alleged scientific bodies are published, without anyone making the commitment to check both the bodies themselves and the truthfulness of the news.

Press releases thrown there, for a few days, for the sole purpose of sensationalism and above all to increase research funds.

"It's the press, beauty" Humphrey Bogart would say.

This also happens for one of the top problems of our time: global warming. The latest report released by the World Meteorological Organization tells us that between 2021 and 2025 we will have the hottest year ever recorded, thanks to an increase in the global average temperature of 1.5.

This report, we can swear, will be followed by six, twelve, eighteen months of silence except for cataclysms and a new information will be released on the risks of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Here a variant is grafted, formed by two schools of thought: the Catastrophists and the Sarcastic. The former do nothing but terrify us by announcing the advent of the Apocalypse with the desertification of Southern Europe and so on. How can we forget that a few years ago there was talk of the imminent tropicalization of the Mediterranean with the sighting of unknown marine species.

The Sarcastic in turn are divided into two species: those in good faith, exasperated by the apocalyptic tones and the lack of a serious cultural debate and those who are partisan who defend the economic interests of various potentates.

In this context, in full Trump era, the most partisan enemy of the Paris agreements, the phenomenon Greta Thunberg appears. A thirteen-year-old girl who went on a school strike for the climate for a year.

She traveled all over the world, meeting the great of the Earth, including the Pope and giving speeches in the most important international meetings; at a summit at the United Nations she said: “What we hope to achieve from this conference is to understand that we are facing an existential threat.

This is the most serious crisis humanity has ever suffered. We must first of all become aware of it and do something as quickly as possible to stop emissions and try to save what can be saved.

You only speak of an eternal growth of the green economy because you are too afraid of being unpopular. You only talk about continuing with the same bad ideas that led us to this mess, even when the only sensible thing to do would be to pull the emergency brake. You are not mature enough to say it as it is. Leave even this burden to us children ”.

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An avalanche in flood that had the merit of keeping a real cultural debate open for at least a year of which in the future, we can be sure, we will see the beneficial effects.

On the part of the media, those hired by the partisan lobbies, there was no lack of sarcasm and accusations: from the neologism "Gretinism", understood not as a movement of thought but as the pathology that indicates the lack of iodine to the childish excuse of not wanting to go to school, up to the accusation of being an emissary driven by the Jewish Freemason conspiracy of the usual Soros.

“I am reminded of an episode that happened about ten years ago, when my nephew was about four years old. One day when he was taken to swimming school, climbing the external stairs I threw the cigarette butt on the ground, on the steps. He glared at me with an astonished look, ordering me to pick it up immediately. Four years old!"

Here, with hindsight this episode suggests that Greta is not and will not be alone in her battle and that "collective intelligence" is much more marked in the Milleniums than in previous generations.

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