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“Not a beauty tutorial”: Sephora for LGBTQI+ community’s rights

A chat towards equality

By Giulia Lucci

For June, on the occasion of Pride Month 2021 Sephora is fighting once again. To date, however, its battle is no longer on an aesthetic level but more of a moral character, Sephora is in fact fighting to defend the rights of the LGBTQI+ community.

What the brand intends to do is to launch a message that will be disclosed from 7th June to 3rd July through a mini-series of videos “Not a beauty tutorial”, so called precisely to emphasize that in this case we will not talk about beauty.

In each mini-video there will be activists who are part of the LGBTQI+ community, who will take care of educating all those who are interested in it.

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Made in partnership with GAY CENTER, a body that protects the rights of the community through social activities and services, but also through educational activities such as projects in schools, within the mini-videos topics such as transsexuality, sexual orientation will be addressed, gender identity but also curiosities such as the origins of pride, all taken up while the protagonists will be dealing with their make-up or their skincare routine, this to ensure that the message does not arrive as a little lesson given by strangers but more like a quiet chat in friendship and to make even the most unfamiliar spectators feel at ease.

In a time when social media and the internet are on the agenda, the best thing to do is to exploit them for your own benefit and for the benefit of society, no one likes to live in a country where ignorance reigns supreme.

“Not a beauty tutorial” but a deep conversation and above all an interactive one , those who will attend each episode at the end of each of it will be able to interact directly with the protagonist of that episode and deepen even more themes of their choice.

To defend freedom and inclusiveness we must first of all be informed. Sephora chooses to celebrate the Pride Month with a courageous and open reflection on identity, which has always been part of the brand's DNA.



Cover Image: Sephora Press Office