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Clinic Boutique is born in Milan

We had a chat with founder Valeria Poggi Longostrevi


The primary objective of the newly established clinic in Corso Vercelli in Milan is regeneration. Three distinct areas that aim to achieve a single mission: the psychophysical well-being of patients.

Spin-off of a 30-year family tradition, Clinic Boutique began as a space to expand the family business. 

“We have put together all the innovative specialisations that exist on the market, I personally take care of the research in order to offer what is best on the market”, reveals Valeria Poggi Longostrevi, founder of the clinic“The three core areas cover specialist examinations, beauty treatments with state-of-the-art machinery and intensive training for competitive athletes”.

The specificity of each aesthetic or medical treatment allows the clinic to gather positive feedback from repeat and new customers. Acrimònia's favourite facial and body treatments include “FACE UP” and “WAKE-UP FACE”

To visit them: Via Coluccio Salutati 9, 20144 Milan.


Images Clinic Boutique