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“LOVE THE WORLD”: live the present thinking about the future

An upcycling capsule inspired by the past

By Giulia Lucci

At the beginning of 2021, another brand is launching new purpose, who are we talking about? Of Desigual of course, I bet that anyone of you knows it or at least has heard of it. For all and those who were not aware of this brand, here is a brief intro: Desigual is a clothing and footwear company based in Barcelona, ​​founded in 1984 in Ibiza. A brand that is characterized by the cheerful line of its products, by the brightly colored prints and the incorporation of graffiti.

At the end of a year full of uncertainties, Desigual gives itself and its customers an excellent resolution for the new year: to improve day by day. How? Simple, returning to the origins, taking inspiration from his first collections inspired by recycling. An upcycling capsule inspired by its origins, in 1984 the brand created an entire collection using scraps of vintage jeans, a key element that will be recurring for the 2021 collection.

The company currently boasts 30% sustainable fibers within its garments and aims to reach 50% in 2023.

For its 2021 collection Desigual will present garments entirely made with scraps of jeans fabric produced and recycled in Barcelona, ​​a way to combine sustainability with their style. Colorful clothing, full of patches, fun and very Desigual.

The brand is aware that it cannotsave the world” alone and not in a single day, which is why it constantly strives to try to transform it into a better place. “Desigual Love the World ” this is the slogan of their latest collection, a way to encourage people to take part in this initiative in any way to safeguard our future and that of our planet.

“In 1984 we needed it, today the world needs it”, an optimistic challenge that recalls the past but aims at the future.

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Image: Desigual Press Office