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essent'ial x FightGently: sustainability and mindfulness

The first pillow that finds the perfect balance between sustainability and mindfulness, because taking care of the environment also means taking care of your body and spirit

By Sofia Tonola

Respect, calm and nature are the three words that describe the rewarding benefits that life offers us. Taking care of nature means taking care of body and spirit, through meditation we can find the perfect balance between earth and body, that’s why the eco design brand essent'ial in collaboration with FightGently created the first washable cellulose cushion.

A cushion made of washable cellulose fibers Fsc certified. With an internal cotton cover, consisting of polystyrene beads that allow easy adaptability of the position of the body. Size 60cm diameter x h12 cm, with a weight of 900gr, On the milk front presents the print of the motto of FightGently a better You is a better World”. Easy to transport where and when you want, to find the calm and the right balance.

FightGently was born as the first Italian platform, which through content dedicated to physical and mental well-being help the inner discovery through a practice that combines the strength of martial arts and the kindness of conscious arts such as yoga and pilates.

That’s why in addition to the pillow they decided to create a notebook The power of Intentions” where you can write down all the intentions, projects and daily thoughts managing to achieve a work on us at 360º, divided into several paragraphs:

My intentions, what I am grateful for, meditation: my visions, who I want to become.    

The notebook is made of grey cellulose fibre and its inner pages are made of recycled paper, both Fsc certified materials.

This encounter between Albano Ghizzoni (founder of essent'ial), and Vanessa Villa (founder of Fightgently) has meant that fashion and mindfuldness meet sustainability.

And what are you waiting for to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity? you can find the balance you are looking for, and live a life with serenity.

The collaboration is available exclusively on the website.



Image: essent'ial x FightGently Press Office