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Climate change, grandmothers will save us

The association of female pensioners, which won condemnation from the Swiss state for failing to comply with global warming regulations, launches an appeal on the net. Calling on the elderly


From global warming, grandmothers will save us. With the air in the air, especially in this Italy assailed by violent gusts of climate revisionism, we have no choice but to cling to an extraordinary group of women activists. Formed exclusively by women. Retired women.

Their association is called Verein KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz, translated into Italian Swiss Senior Women's Climate Association. They have recently won a court battle against the Swiss state putting continental industry leaders on high alert. Who are wondering what the next steps of the "vieilles femmes terribles" might be, after the European Court of Human Rights condemned Switzerland for failing to take adequate measures against the advance of climate change. A historic decision, as WWF and various European poly activists have pointed out; a decision that ushers in a new phase in relations between citizens, governments and companies.

Indeed, the Strasbourg judges ruled - in the face of the claim for failure to implement adequate policies to avert a global temperature rise of less than 1.5 degrees - that "Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights enshrines the right to effective protection by state authorities against the serious adverse effects of climate change on life, health, well-being and quality of life." It also enshrines the principle that plaintiffs may act as interveners by having the right to petition "on behalf of those individuals who may claim to be subject to specific threats or adverse effects of climate change." A triumph against industry bullying that has sparked panic in the managerial universe of potentially affected companies.

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Having achieved its first success - the European Court's ruling is from last April 9 - the Health Grandmothers' Committee, composed of 12 indomitable pensioners, published its battle plan on its reference website, asking for the help of its 2,500 members (there were 40 when the association was founded in 2016) and launching an appeal to all women "aged 64 and older living in Switzerland" to take the field to protect the elderly population, the most at risk due to global warming.

"Our association," reads, "continues to exist to follow the implementation of the ruling. We trust that the authorities will act correctly and, if necessary, will be involved in the process." A real warning to the Swiss government, combined with a call for support against the hate campaign that has been unleashed on the network. "Our survival is also important to definitively counter the sometimes strong criticism of the ruling," the klimaseniorinnen write. "We condemn the verbal attacks against women and the elderly. Certain people shamelessly comment publicly on our work, that of the ECHR judges and the ruling. A brutalization of debate is a danger to peaceful coexistence and our democracy. We would like to see an objective discussion of the Court's decision and the consequences for our country."

And finally, an emphasis that should open the eyes of politicians and industrialists, although it seems really difficult for that to happen. "Human rights are neither left nor right, but universal. Human rights protect all of us. Climate protection that protects human rights benefits all of us." Applause.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios