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Blanco, Putin, Drusilla Foer: the three most searched names on Google in 2022

What do they have in common?

By Nancy Marocco

The year 2022 is coming to an end and, as always, this is the time for balance sheets, summaries and rankings. Among the many is that of the famous names searched on Google, the search engine that is now part of our lives. Analysing who the most searched personalities are certainly helps to understand the year's trends, with the events that have marked us most and that have inevitably marked the lives of us all. On the podium, we find Blanco, Putin and Drusilla Foer. 

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Blanco, a young singer-songwriter, triumphed at the beginning of the year at Sanremo, along with fellow singer Mahmood. Winning Italy's most famous kermesse canora caused his name to be Googled countless times, not only for the fresh and catchy titles and lyrics of his songs, but also for the images in the advertising campaigns in which he is the protagonist, which increasingly portray him as a somewhat tempting angel. His pout and the gossip about his love life have resulted in him not only being on the Sanremo podium but also on the podium of the most searched online. 

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Curiosity in wanting to know more is the same curiosity that has led to typing a name, Putin, now well known in this 2022, into the search bar. The reason for the spasmodic Google search for the tsar is no mystery, the war between Russia and Ukraine has made him known by now even to the youngest, who recognise his image and have no trouble remembering his name.

Unflappable and stern, many students have researched him for a school essay or in-depth study, but we have found ourselves writing his name, perhaps also to exorcise the great fear that war causes. Not much is known about his private life, but perhaps in Putin's case the desire to read news is not, as in the case of other personalities, a simple curiosity, but the desire to be informed and to delude ourselves into thinking we can know more about one of the most powerful men on the planet capable of bringing us to our knees.

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The third name is Drusilla Foer. A multifaceted actress, consecrated in the Sanremo festival not as a competing artist but as a revelation capable of surprising with grace. The research on this mysterious character somewhere between an invented but real and strong woman and an actor hidden by her alter ego makes us realise how little we know about her and how our desire to delve into Drusilla's intimacy is almost morbid. Her name written in search of clips of her shows, of a few photos of Gianluca more than of Drusilla, but also of details from the past, of certainties that inevitably fall when faced with such a character. She who glides like silk over her audience, who bewitches and makes one reflect, will always be at the centre of the searches of those who do not give up in front of the mystery of the person and the character and of those who, instead, enraptured by this perfect mix, will continue to Google her name for a moment of profound lightness.

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Three names sought after but so different from each other that if put together they could alone sum up this 2022, between a new talent blossoming and filling the stadiums of mothers and daughters, a powerful man tinging the future with weakness, and a modern actor bringing to the stage a somewhat retro but up-to-date and concretely fluid woman.


Images: Brett Jordan on Unsplash