Blue light-proof well-being: Treatwell's tips for face and body digital detox

When tradition and innovation work together, they are invincible

By Valentina A

None of us believe that we use cell phones so much: who would believe that between online shopping, use of social networks, games, reading the latest news, personal messages and work emails we get to check it dozens of times a day? And let's not even talk about how much time we spend in front of the computer or TV!

Our generation spends entire hours in front of a screen, out of necessity or pleasure, and although this is our normalcy, we cannot underestimate the consequences that this lifestyle has on our health and that of our skin.

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The blue light emitted by digital devices is particularly harmful: it penetrates deep into the skin, exacerbating oxidative stress, leading to the appearance or intensification of spots, dehydrating, inflamming and causing premature skin aging: for this reason Treatwell, the largest European portal for booking beauty and wellness treatments, it collected some beauty tips to deal with the damage caused by this type of lighting.

An excellent starting point is to use sunscreen even indoors, if you have to be in front of a screen for a long time.

Treatwell recommends preferring zinc oxide mineral formulas, useful for shielding both UV and blue light.

Another invaluable help is the aesthetic treatments performed in the salon:

The Guinot face treatment, for example, helps to preserve the health of the skin exposed to light rays, both by preparing it for sunlight and artificial light and by repairing it following exposure.

It starts with a deep biological cleansing, which allows the skin to be more receptive to the active treating principles, diffused on the skin with the double ionization method. It then proceeds to restore brightness through oxygenation of the skin and the awakening of the circulatory functions, to conclude with a manual facial massage to rest the features and encourage cellular exchanges.

Treatwell salons also offer lightening treatments to contrast stains and regain a healthy and uniform complexion: immediately after cleansing, illuminating vials and emulsions are applied and concentrated to make the face shine.

There are also treatments for hyperpigmented skin that balance the distribution of melanin on the epidermal surface, giving vitality and compactness to the tissues.

To relieve irritated skin, fighting redness and discolouration, the ideal is the peony treatment, which, from the first session, uniforms the complexion and gives freshness to the skin. Treatwell also offers treatments with natural fruit extracts: a boost of vitamins (in particular Vitamin C, a very powerful antioxidant that helps protect against ultraviolet rays), ideal for lightening pigmentation following prolonged exposure to light and stimulating the natural production of collagen, for a more elastic, relaxed and healthy skin.

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The Kobido massage, an ancient Japanese ritual that, through pressure and friction on the lymphatic points of the face and neck, stimulates circulation and optimizes the distribution of oxygen and nutrients present in the blood, is the trump card of Treatwell: the cells they regenerate faster and more easily and collagen production increases, reducing the appearance of signs of aging and allowing the face to appear more compact.

Treatwell knows that tradition and innovation, when they work together, are invincible. For this reason it offers radiofrequency treatments, a painless and absolutely non-invasive technology that gives the skin a natural awakening and smoothes it by exploiting the benefits of electromagnetic waves: these, passing through the tissues, are transformed into heat and stimulate the lymphatic system by increasing production collagen.

Another negative effect of blue light? It makes itself responsible for skin dehydration. This is why Treatwell offers a wide range of moisturizing treatments that energize and nourish the complexion.

The eye-tech eye treatment calms congested and fatigued eyelids and smoothes the eye area, with a natural lifting effect ensured by plumping and refreshing products chosen ad hoc.

Exposure to digital displays reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep. Treatwell suggests avoiding falling asleep immediately after consulting your smartphone and, if this is not enough, go to the salon for a nice relaxing treatment, such as the extraordinary relaxing massage with essential oils, which loosens the muscles and helps to eliminate the tensions and stress of the day calming the mind and stimulating lymphatic circulation, giving lightness and well-being to the whole body.

The scrub is also a precious ally of well-being and one of Treatwell's strengths: on the one hand it gently exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and renewing the surface layer of the epidermis, on the other, thanks to circular movements, it relax body and mind.

Treatwell is Europe's leading online booking platform for beauty and wellness treatments. It has over 600 employees in 13 European countries and ensures that its users always live an unforgettable beauty experience.

With over 1700 affiliated salons and spas in Italy it brings the world of beauty on the web and allows users to find the best salons in the city and book them, even last minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, filtering by price and consulting over 15000 reviews.

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