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Analysis of Mario Draghi's communication

When the Chronicle immediately becomes History: if the President of the United States of America says to his collaborators, in obvious difficulty: "Call Mario", it means that you are facing a champion among the Great Ones of the Earth.

By Gianfranco Gatta

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Mario Draghi in the Pantheon of the Italians, for his professional lineage, has a prominent place.

As far as we know, we reconstruct the professional path because it will be useful to identify his personality and consequently his communication, since one has reason to think that it is "all his own work", without the help of Various "beasts".

Draghi attended the classical high school of the Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome run by the Jesuits. This is already enough to outline the mindset, as we will see later.

He graduated in economics in 1970 at the Sapienza University of Rome with Federico Caffè as supervisor with a thesis on Economic integration and exchange rate variations.

Mario Draghi's career evolves through increasingly important assignments; wanting to use a football metaphor, one can trace its vertical backbone: Director General of the Treasury, Governor of the Bank of Italy and President of the European Central Bank. A path all set to the utmost confidentiality.

In 2018, according to Forbes magazine, he is considered the 18th most powerful man in the world.

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Un post condiviso da 🇮🇹 Mario Draghi Official (@mario.draghi.president)

In an old and unmemorable 1986 film by Bob Wilson, "Mystery", with Sigourney Weaver and Micheal Caine, there is a joke addressed to Weaver by a Chinese diplomat, which gives the measure of the assessment made by Forbes: "Dear Professor , billions of people live in the world but only five thousand really count".

The character's austerity is already evident from the bearing: composed, not "dapper". But it is the "non-expressions" of the face that reveal fundamental traits of his personality: a perfect poker face or bridge face, if you prefer.

If he smiles he moves his lips imperceptibly, if angry he remains cold and impassive like a rattlesnake.

In his inauguration speeches to the Chambers he was clearly moved and apologizing several times he humanized himself before public opinion; reading a written text does not give the best of itself, one thing is to read numbers and economic projections, another to decline a political project.

But it is in the moments in which he "goes off the cuff" that he gives his best, proving to be a champion; like a skilled musician, he fills the pauses with impromptu beats that surprise the audience, as seen with the peacock: "He's been with us since this morning, let's hear what he says.

"Or when they ask him if he is confident of succeeding: "... Well in short, quite often I did it ..." and here, with elegant cynicism, we are at the level of the Marquis del Grillo and not only, there is all the pride of form Jesuit mentis.

His aphorisms make Cassation: “The Euro is irrevocable”. “Betting against the euro is meaningless. Do it if you want”. “The time of power can be wasted in the sole concern of conserving it”.

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Un post condiviso da 🇮🇹 Mario Draghi Official (@mario.draghi.president)

Draghi arrives at the Presidency of the Council thanks to the inconsistency of the current political class and arrives with all his professional and international prestige. The Constitution says that within the Council of Ministers it is "Primus Inter Pares", in reality it is not and it will not be.

Draghi decides and the others are forced to follow him in order to survive. If this is not the case in the future, we will all move towards a "Cupio dissolvi".

To this day, the leaders of all the parties have not yet understood or pretend not to understand that the fate of Italy is, so to speak, monitored by the international community which trusts only in Mario Draghi.

All the party leaders, including the opposition, continue with their small games of coaster in order to gain fractions of consensus in the various polls; sterile polemics are triggered day after day, based on calculations of improbable algorithms, to take advantage not only in spite of the opponents but even against the coalition allies, in short, a mad pollster bulimia.

They did not understand that the current government is an umbrella under which they can take refuge and calmly refound themselves, give themselves and give a perspective to the country, but above all create a new and valid ruling class.

Mario Draghi presented himself in a very pragmatic way: "I don't want to promise anything that isn't really achievable." In clear discontinuity with those who preceded him.

Today he enjoys unconditional esteem abroad, so much so that he is considered the future leader of the European Union after the departure of Angela Merkel; on the other hand, his words are direct: “National sovereignty remains in many respects the fundamental element of each government. But for challenges that transcend national borders, the only way to defend sovereignty is for us Europeans to share it within the EU”.

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Un post condiviso da 🇮🇹 Mario Draghi Official (@mario.draghi.president)