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Alemanno, Rizzo and the sovereignist mix

One of the extreme right, the other of the extreme left: from boys they fought. Their political career did not produce miracles, so the miracle they decided to do it at 60 years played. Joining in a project to exit Europe and the euro.


The first is Gianni Alemanno, 65 years old, training strictly right. Of the hard and pure right: that of the children of the Youth Movement that in the 70s and 80s in front of high schools and university classrooms were regularly fighting with those of FGCI, the Youth Federation of Italian Communists. Barrel from orbi, seamless.

The second is Marco Rizzo, 64 years old, strictly communist formation. On the left side of the hemicycle occupied any box. From an exponent of the PCI to the founder of Rifondazione Comunista until becoming president of the reconstituted Communist Party, a post he left last January. When he was in the FGCI, he used to fight those of the Youth Movement. He was a one-eyed beating, without interruption.

Alemanno was Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in the second Berlusconi government and mayor of Rome. In memory of man do not remember worthy measures as a minister, while in the 5 years at the Capitol stood out for having stuffed the participated capitularies of party associates, friends and friends of friends. Not to mention the pearl on the sidelines of the 2011 snowfall during which he was portrayed while spreading salt in Piazza Venezia and promoted (before the sudden turnaround dictated by the controversy that faced on newborns social) the union’s request to equip the Roman police with snowmobiles. Snowmobiles in Rome: a media masterpiece, more than an idea.

Rizzo did 10 years in parliament. From 1994 to 2004 it was produced in a slalom between the group of Rifondazione Comunista, the progressive one, the mixed group and ended the descent on the red slopes of Montecitorio in the ranks of the Italian Communists. From 2004 to 2009 he was elected to the European Parliament in Strasbourg where he was part of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left team. In human memory, we do not remember any momentous initiatives either as an Italian Member or as an MEP. Back in Italy he was progressively seduced by the sovereignist sirens, during the pandemic he sided with the No vax formations and fought against the adoption of the Green Pass.

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Alemanno had a little trouble with justice. He got caught up in the mafia capital investigation and managed to get by quite well: he has to serve a year and a half in social services for drug trafficking. He will atone for the punishment in the centre of Sister Paola, who became famous at the turn of the century for her participation in the television programme Quelli che il calcio.

Marco Rizzo has no criminal record.

What the hell could Alemanno and Rizzo have in common? An artificial brain, born to produce the intelligence that depopulates and frightens, would answer nothing. The opposite of what they answered to those who asked why they joined forces in the name of a political project of a supranational matrix presented in Rome in late November that bears the name of "Independence".

Alemanno says: "Meloni and Schlein are two sides of the same coin. They say the same things about wars and the economy, then they argue about nonsense. Rizzo and I have shared and transversal battles, we must bring the real problems to the attention of the Italians".

Rizzo says: "Schlein perfectly represents the mainstream of globalist and liberal totalitarianism. Sooner or later he’s gonna take over for Meloni and do the same thing. Alemanno and I want an independent Italy that is not part of NATO and the EU and that is not under the dictatorship of the euro".

And voilà: the extremes come together, the ingredients are mixed and the minestrone is served. Miracles of politics.

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Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios