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Green Week takes place at Palazzo Marino with the Planet Art Camp project

Air, water and soil the main topics, speeches with focus on sustainable innovation and final CTA to the high school students of Italy


When the parents of today's high school students were young, there was no recycling. The planet is changing and with it the different ways to protect it. With this concept kicks off the opening event of Planet Art Camp, the scientific-artistic format created by Edizioni Green Planner aimed at students

We are in the midst of Green Week and the Sala Alessi at Palazzo Marino is filled with numerous high schools from Italy and prominent personalities of the calibre of Elena Grandi, councillor for the environment and greenery of the City of Milan, and Maurizio Molinari, head of the European Parliament office. They took the opportunity to discuss key issues including eco-anxiety, the climate crisis, fine particles and fresh water, and to issue a challenge to young people.

Taking the floor on the subject of air is Damiano Disimine of Legambiente, who takes advantage of the moment to educate the audience on the tangible danger posed by particulate matter, which causes around 300,000 thousand deaths in Europe every year.  

For water, it is time for Mauro Biraghi, marketing and corporate communications director of E.ON energia, who tells of the Energy4Blue initiative to give a first concrete response to the emergency in our seas. It starts from the beaches and the seabed to defend them from pollution caused by plastic and involving the company's customers and employees.

Enrico Mercadante, head of innovation activities for Southern Europe at Cisco, explains the potential of digital in protecting the Planet.  

Finally, the ground will be covered by Marco Bussone, UNCEM president, Elena Faccio, Suridel communications manager, and Francesco Surace, president of the Giordano dell'Amore foundation.  

Planet Art Camp is an invitation to indulge in art without forgetting a bit of green conscience. The school children enrolled in the challenge are called upon to create a work of Land Art to express their no to pollution.  

The sustainable competition will end with the nomination of three winning projects on Earth Day: 24 April 2024. The jury selecting the projects will be composed, as always, of art experts, journalists and university lecturers. On the website it is possible to update on the rules to be followed for the production of the work. 

When asked by Cristina Ceresa, host of the event and director in charge of Green Planner, “is there anything that makes you anxious?” the audience is shy. They are still kids...



*Planet Art Camp enjoys the patronage of the European Parliament and Commission, the Municipality of Milan and Legambiente.


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