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5 destinations for June vacation

Not an easy choice between the Dolomites, Mykonos, Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Croatia


Despite the bad weather of recent weeks, June is now around the corner and with it the arrival, real or perceived, of summer 2024. And this season is synonymous with travel and vacations, discoveries and adventures. June usually offers milder weather suitable for hiking and splurging, but warm enough to enjoy the sea and long days outdoors. Prices, moreover, are not the exorbitant ones of the high season, and those in the wonderful world of tourist receptions are usually more relaxed and helpful, having not yet accumulated the stress and anger caused by contact with the holiday crowds.

So let's see what could be the destination for a fulfilling week to be spent within European borders, without trespassing into unsafe or too far away areas.

Among the 5 possible best destinations to choose for the month of June, the first is also the one that is the most convenient and closest, at least for those leaving from the North Central.

In the Dolomites, majestic mountains that crown Italy's northeastern border, there are usually temperatures between 7 and 20 degrees in June, with unpredictable (or predictable) differences related to altitudes and abnormal weather events. No snow and cold, then, but lush green meadows bordered by extensive pine and fir forests, to be discovered thanks to the many hiking trails, to be walked until you reach the nearest mountain hut, where you can enjoy views and good food. For overnight stays the choice is vast and with it the budget for accommodations varies. To treat yourself very well indeed, there are the rooms and suites at the Amonti & Lunaris wellnessresort (5*) in Cadipietra in the Aurina Valley, with pools, saunas and other adult-only areas: they start at about 2,500 euros per week. For a more frugal and authentic experience there are farms and guesthouses, which require an investment of about 600 euros for the same period.

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On the island of Mykonos the weather in June is even more favorable, ranging on average between 21 and 27 degrees. The nights are warm and long, and the small white houses that characterize it are easier to appreciate without the crush of the high season. The taste of salt after a nice swim in the Aegean waters can be diluted by ouzo (a typical anise-flavored spirit), raki (an equally typical schnapps-like spirit) or the more sober retsina (the refreshing Greek wine). In the off-season you can find sleeping accommodations by spending about 500 euros a week. But if you want to splurge a bit, the Olvos Luxury Suites, with private infinity pool, await you for only 11 thousand euros a week.

Still by the sea, but with a less Mediterranean climate, Copenhagen is a city that in spite of its more than 600,000 inhabitants offers rather relaxing sights and activities, such as loitering on a bicycle, drinking craft beer in the open air, sipping coffee by the sea and enjoying street food at Papirøen stalls. Then, off to shop at Gågrøn!, BauBau, Pure Shop, Devantier or Carmen's. Not to mention the art and design store at the Louisiana vale Museum and the shop at the Danish Architecture Centre. Accommodations suffer from the average price level, which is quite high in those parts. For a week you need at least 1,000 euros (excluding the hostel, which would cost over 600 anyway). If you really want to exaggerate, there would be the Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, which offers its bright and scenic design rooms at about 4500 euros per week.

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For those who really like to stay cool, meteorologically speaking, here is Edinburgh. The city in June offers temperatures generally between 9 and 17 degrees. Ideal for appreciating the Scottish summer and its festivals. And also the firing of the One O'Clock Gun from the castle grounds, the 20,000 artifacts in the National Museum, the view from Arthur's Seat, the sunrise over the city from Calton Hill, and the eight-story Johnnie Walker Princes Street. Excluding hostels, more than 1,000 euros will be needed for a week in the city but one could economize by reducing the stay a bit. On the other hand, for those who don't mind spending money, there is the Virgin Hotel, which offers a very special welcome at about 3800 euros, including a panoramic balcony.

Isn't the coolness of northern Europe suited to the need to finally build up heat? So let's return to the Adriatic to dock on the coast of Croatia: myriad islands, festivals, wild coastal nightlife and ancient cities to explore by day and experience by night. Like Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik. Finding a sandy beach is an almost impossible feat, although a very long part of the territory faces the sea. Despite the sharp increase in tourist flows-and also in prices-there are still little places to discover and secluded spots for those who want to relax with their feet in the water. Feet that at night can find adequate refreshment in a nice room overlooking the marina in the small village of Makarska (about 700 euros per week) or in a newly renovated and charming loft in Dubrovnik's Old Town (3500 euros per week).



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios