The 5 ECO-FRIENDLY brands of the month - April

From sneakers to beauty

By Margherita Verdiani

Promises must be kept, so here we are again to talk about the 5 ECO-FRIENDLY brands of April so dear to us. To resume the concept of this monthly appointment we remind you that our purpose is to whet the appetite in the beauty/fashion/food field, advising you 5 brands that are “doing their job”, taking care of us and of the Earth, making us aware that our minim effort is actually a labor of love to the planet. And if you missed the March's brands list (bad, too bad) you can always find it here.


The slipper has replace the sneaker this season, that's the saddest truth. But we have to be patient (and very careful), 'cause the 4th of May is finally close. Veja is a french brand that produces sneakers in the most transparent and ethical way possible since 2005. It is simplistic to call Veja an eco-friendly brand and it's not difficult to guess if you take a look on its website: the cotton's quality, the processing of recycled materials, the labor sales and the manufactoring costs, you'll find everything meticulously analyzed for a complete information and a conscious purchase. The fact that VEJA shoes are fabulous is just a plus.

Biofficina Toscana

Biofficina Toscana is a company born from two young women, Eva and Claudia, and then developed in a family environment. It has an eco-biological line of cosmetics for women. Their products are the result of zero km raw materials as well as low environmental impact processes. “Think global, act local” is the brand's motto and we can't do anything but believe in the scientific reserch behind their products, always based in Tuscany. Biofficina Toscana takes care of you, you can do the same with the earth.


Danone is a giant food company available in 120 countries. Under this company we can fin Alpro, Activia, Silk, Actimel, Evian, all names that are familiar to us. It is the most feared competitor among the others food companies and, ça va sans dire, we can easily understand why. Danone is born from a young french dad who had an obsession with yogurt and with his baby's health. 100 years later Danone still produces high quality food, top dairy (or not) products, 0 impact and it teaches us the “learn how to eat” philosophy. They care about our health and the environmental health too. That's true, we all know Danone, but buying one of its products means investing in a better market, in a better tomorrow.


LastObject is dedicating to the potential infinite reuse of disposable object. For now they have launched just a few but super cool products: reusable swab in two different shape; one basic for your daily hygiene and one sharper for doing your make-up. The idea behind the brand's name plays on the fact that what you're about to buy will probably be the last one. They fight against the disposable's concept 'cause it's slowly bringing our Earth down on her knees, but they also fantasize about a world where our grandchildren will laugh at our barbaric habits of throwing everything after one use, even if there was a Planet B.

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A part of learning is noticing the everyday actions which are not in line with our values and then changing them 🍂🤔🤩

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MÁDARA Organic Skincare

Marchio lettone di cosmesi organica e prodotti biologici per la cura di pelle e capelli. MÁDARA è su piazza italiana da qualche anno e ha già conquistato i cuori di molt*. Promuovono la cura della pelle come un tipo di attitudine alla vita sana, non un mero vezzo d'apparenza bensì un approccio benefico per la nostra salute e autostima. La vegetazione nordica è ricca di straordinarie proprietà che in tempi antichi hanno guarito ferite e salvato vite, oggi le ritroviamo nella cosmesi di Màdara, la quale si propone di dimostrare che la natura ci dà tutto quello di cui abbiamo bisogno. Prodotti con formulazioni studiate al dettaglio con il classico perfezionismo nordico che li contraddistingue. “Vanno oltre la pelle”, e noi lasciamoci trasportare.

MÁDARA is a Latvian brand of organic cosmetics and organic product for you skin and hair care. It has been on the Italian market for a few years and it has already conquer many hearts. They promote this skincare as an attitude for a healthy living, not just “a thing for girls” but a new beneficial approach for our health and self-esteem. The nordic vegetation is full of excellent substances that the Old Norse used to save lives, and today we'll find them in MÁDARA products. Mother Nature gives us all that we need in this life, and the Nordic people transform what we've got in the the perfect product. “Go beyond your skin”, let yourself be carried away.