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3A Sport x Nike Swim: if you have a body, you’re an athlete

Two of the largest sportswear manufacturers are launching a collection dedicated to the fluidity and power of water for SS21

By Giulia Lucci

Since 2018, the large Garda company, 3A Sport, is now the exclusive distributor of the Nike Swim Italia brand.

Their partnership was born because both are based on common ethical values, starting with the most important one for the American giant: “If you have a body, you are an athlete”.

From these simple but significant words comes the desire and the need to give life to something that enhances and improves the relationship that athletes have with their body inside and out of the water.

The Nike Swim lines in fact arise from the observation of the properties of water: versatility and resistance translate into a design created to meet the needs of all athletes.

The collection was designed to meet a new generation of athletes and encourage them to increase their passion for sports through clothing designed to enhance their physicality and performance.

A bold tone collection with maxi logos and out of the box patterns, to accompany you in every adventure: in and out of the water, from metropolitan space in bold looks, to experiences in wilder places. and pristine.

The collection will be available exclusively in selected stores.



Image: 3A Sport x Nike Swim Press Office