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Tommy Hilfiger and Jameela Jamil together for an online course on Body Neutrality

Learn how to transform your body image and practice self-love

By Angelica Tanzini

Tommy Hilfiger launches, on the learning platform, a free online course, designed to encourage the change of ourselves and focused on body neutrality and the challenge of stereotypes, in collaboration with the actress and writer Jameela Jamil.

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The Body Neutrality Course program is a mix of storytelling, dialogue, new social awareness and celebration of progress, it is divided in two weeks, in which the user has the freedom to decide when complete it.

Tommy Hilfiger, already committed to social issues with some campaigns, will present four more courses on the platform in the coming months focusing on sustainability, the LGBTQIA + alliance and community building.

During the learning courses, Tommy Hilfiger through his social networks, will do a series of live talks to deepen the topics and create conversations between followers, who are invited to participate by tagging @TommyHilfiger or using his hashtag #TommyHilfiger.

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For all those interested, from February 15th, on the Tommy Hilfiger and Jameela Jamil’s course is available.