She Rules / April Edition: Aya Mohamed


By acrimonia

Aya tells the story of a Muslim girl in Milan. A face with a thousand facets and many points of view. On Instagram @milanpyramid, the protagonist of April of She Rules is a student of Political Science, blogger dedicated to the integration of a niche that she feels strongly and emotionally part of. Tell us about yourself and what you do in life. My name is Aya Mohamed, I was born in Egypt and raised in Italy. My parents, both Egyptians, have brought me to Italy since birth. Today I study Political Science at the State University of Milan, I have a blog where I draw political, social and cultural issues. I tell the point of view of a Muslim girl in Milan. Like me, there are many personalities who have a lot to say. In this regard I have opened a YouTube channel that wants to tell theirs and my story. SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazineSheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-1SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-4SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-30 How is your relationship with your country of origin and religion? I feel Italian, Egyptian, but primarily Muslim. My religion is worth more than any other citizenship. It represents my identity that wants to be recognized as such. I am very proud of my origins, proud to come from a country like Egypt, with such an imposing history, home to Cleopatra and Nefertiti. A few years ago I chose to wear the Islamic veil, the Hijab. After taking a stand, I noticed how the behaviors of others began to change. In Egypt, not all the population is Muslim, some women wear veils, others choose the opposite. In Italy this choice is seen as an obligation, an oppression. It is a groundless stereotype, I chose the veil and continue to choose it every day. SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-8SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-7SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-6 Your deep dream? With great joy the return of the 30s and 40s style. The digital renaissance of the clothes of that era would make me smile. SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-23SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-28SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-26 Three things you would definitely like to do in the shortest possible time. Graduate in the shortest possible time. Publish the next video on my YouTube channel. Ramadan, scheduled for the first days of May. How do you see yourself in five years? I've always been very ambitious. From an early age I dreamed of becoming an ambassador or working in politics. My goal was, and still is, to help people in need from within, to fight injustices, to dispel prejudices. I have so many goals in mind and all the intentions to reach them. SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazineSheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-16SheRulesAyaMohamed_phAlecioFerrari_acrimoniamagazine-15 Click here to discover the last episode of She Rules.   CREDITS: Photography: Alecio Ferrari  MUA: Cinzia Trifiletti Thanks to: Logos PR, Domingo Communication, Attila&Co  

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