Rihanna explains how to create the perfect SUMMER FENTY FACE

Glowy but natural

By Elisa Grasso

Even if at the moment the tan looks like a distant mirage, this does not mean that we cannot still enjoy a golden and luminous skin. Then if that cool Rihanna girl thinks about explaining how to make the perfect SUMMER FENTY FACE, who are we to back off?

On the Youtube channel Fenty Beauty Rihanna tells us about her precious tips on how to have a skin with a dewy and super glowy finish for the summer season using the news from the Cheeks Out Collection.

The Cheeks Out Collection is composed of Cream Blush and Bronzer with a light texture and vibrant colors, perfect for any complexion. And then... resist water and sweat and are very easy to use!

Cream Blush give the skin a healthy and fresh appearance, as if just awakened from a sleep of beauty. There are 10 shades available and despite the high pigmentation they blend naturally with the skin creating a natural glow effect.

Cream Bronzers highlight the cheekbones and volumes of the face, making the skin golden as if pampered by the sun. The shades are 7 and depending on the use you can get a sun-kissed effect or create a real contouring.

Cream Blush and Cream Bronzer can be applied directly with the fingers or with the Face Shaping Brush 125 for an impeccable finish.

Try the Cheeks Out Collection on the eyes too, have fun!