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Why has meditation become a trend?

It is called "Mcmindfulness: how mindfulness became the new spirituality of capitalism." Here is the book in which scholar Ronald Purser denounces the use of meditation as a mere stress reliever.


Coming from San Francisco is the term McMindfulness. Coined by professor Ronald Purser, the word questions the authenticity and integrity of meditation in the West. 

The meditative practice, now widespread, has deep roots in Eastern spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as Buddhism, and is defined in the Treccani dictionary as "concentration of the mind in speculation and contemplation of religious truths, or philosophical or moral problems." Between big corporations, social media, apps and books with precarious credibility, it is unlikely you have never heard of it. 

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But what is it all about? The word meditation comes from the Latin word "meditatio," and its meaning is reflection, thought, practice, exercise. 

It is in fact a way to exercise the mind. The goal is to relax and achieve greater self-awareness.

Here, however, the unscrupulousness of the Western approach is laid bare. Purser invents the word McMindfulness. A term that draws association with the McDonald's company and suggests the idea of something quick and superficial. McMindfulness puts the focus on the potential and actual commercialization of mindfulness practice.

According to the most critical thinking, McMindfulness reduces Mindfulness to a superficial exercise in personal well-being that promotes quick and simplistic solutions rather than an authentic understanding and practice of mindfulness. 

This risk of commercialization thus leads to emptying Mindfulness of its deeper meaning. The result: a product to be consumed rather than a way of life. 

One of the key points on which the criticism is based is simplification. The excessive approximation with which the practice is approached leads to the loss of real meaning.

Purser's analysis therefore urges a greater understanding of the scope of meditation. In the current air, especially in this part of the world bombarded by violent blasts of superficiality, it is not so trivial either.



Illustration by Gloria Dozio - Acrimònia Studios