NOSTALGIA BOX: The end of summer

(bonus nostalgia)

By Myra Geraldine Meterangelo

Yes. I am also speaking with you, despite you think summer is difficult, you sweat, we steak to each other, it’s warm and… you prefer winter.

I agree with you. There are effective remedies to winter: fleece blankets, hot the, books, netflix and whathever. But summer isn’t just a matter of season, it is also a state of mind.

Never as in the summer do we find ourselves radiant. It is precisely exposure to sunlight that stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes good mood.

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Out for holidays 🤍💫💪🏼 . . . #shutupclaudia

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The italian summer

Why should summer be something we feel nostalgic about, if it - at least scientifically- isn’t over yet?

Because we will never be nostalgic of the italian summer like after this summer!

In a condition that inevitably led us to review our plans, our fantasies and our habits, I like to think that they all managed to rejoin a little bit with this wonderful land that hosts us.

Scrolling on your Instagram boards, you have tought at least once: “How it is wonderful and who knows where it is” and the answer, surprisingly or not, will have been near you.   

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Aprés midi à Rimini

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If once upon a time the #italiansummer was a certainty and it was also inspiration (the Eighties, the Romagna Riviera, the pastel palette of the umbrellas and “Vamos a la playa... oh oh oh”), for our generations, used to no boundaries and the possibility to go everywhere whenever you want, the #italiansummer was a surprise, the heats, the colors and a little bit of freedom.

We have discovered wonderful places in each region of Italy, and yes also in Molise. We have appreciated the sea, the mountains, lakes and river, countryside and even the heat of August, around the cities or the small villages.

Maybe what we could be able to appreciate the most is that: in Italy it doesn’t matter wherever you go, our land communicates a piece of history everywhere, it tells about the adventure that took place before us that survived without time.

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Back to

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Every ending has a new beginning

The summer nostalgia is an evergreen widespread in the world. In fact, we won't be the only ones missing it.

As a moment of the year, the end of the Summer makes us nostalgic because we feel it slowly fade away from all the possibilities. It is like living in a suspended time in which we can dare more, we can let ourself go more.

But then the right reflection to make when summer nostalgia seems to peep out is on why you can't feel free, you can't let yourself go during the rest of the year.

Every summer should lead us to believe in ourselves a little more.

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. 🍎🍑 Isola d’Elba Agosto 2020

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Recognise our capabilities and face up to our limits. Lower the barriers and accept the diversity with more flexibility. Be open to the news.

Balance is what every summer should leave us.

Like that moment in which it begins to get dark and, with feet sinking into the sand, watching the sun go down on the sea, you don’t know why but you look well.

You look



and that’s enough.

Mini playlist for the end of the summer

Since I too am seized every year by the nostalgia of summer and my good resolution for September is to maintain this harmonious state and, if possible, to make it grow, I created a playlist. So as to stop a little piece of summer and reproduce it everywhere!