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milk_shake SUN&MORE: must have of summer 2021

For shiny and protected hair even in the sun

By Giulia Lucci

During this quarantine period, we have no excuse not to take care of ourselves, especially our hair.

It is true we are still in March but summer is upon us and we cannot be caught unprepared. To help us milk_shake created a line of products that combines the benefits of nature to offer specific solutions for all types of hair.

Their motto is “to live beauty naturally”, made in Italy their products are created to take care of you and your hair without going to undermine the planet.

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But let's find out together what happens to our hair when it is exposed to sunlight: protein alteration, pigment degradation, water content decrease and lipid oxidation. You may be wondering what these words mean, to simplify the concept what you get by subjecting your hair to the sun without the necessary precautions is dry, dull and weakened hair.

Don't be alarmed immediately though, milk_shake is here to offer an excellent solution to all of this. With its new line, the brand has created a specific beauty routine for the hair.

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Un post condiviso da MATILDA DJERF (@matildadjerf)

Natural-based products that will give your hair shine. “All over shampoo”, “Beauty mask”, “Incredible milk” and “Pleasure oil”, these are your fou

Inside you will find active ingredients and extracts of natural origin, including argan oil, passion fruit oil, hibiscus oil and organic muru muru oil, all exclusively chosen to be at the service of YOUR beauty.

In a period like the summer when the hair is subjected to greater stress than the rest of the year you cannot miss this special collection, and for the more “scrupulous” milk_shake has also thought of a line of products dedicated to the care of the body, sunscreens and moisturizing oils, for a tanned and nourished skin.

You can buy milk_shake products in professional salons or on the official website do not miss them because it’s “better to be safe than sorry”.



Image: milk_shake Press Office