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Milano tra le righe: the project that makes fun of contemporary Milan

From “Milano, la moda, sticazzi” to “Stasera Plastic a leccare pure i muri?”

By Giulietta Riva, Fabiola Graziosi

It’s as if one day, scrolling on IG, you come across a “Milano, la moda, sticazzi”, so: out of the blue. A pseudo-digital protest that uses the sharp weapon of irony to mock clichés, sentences made, so-called typical of contemporary Milan.

And it’s not “as if”, it really happened and @_milanotralerighe_ really exists. We met Manuel and Giulia, the minds behind the newborn project that as a dream have a great event in their name.

Hi @_milanotralerighe_, who are you?

Manu (Graphic designer) and Giulia (who works in fashion).

How was the idea born, why was it born and why focus on Milan?

The idea comes from the overthinking of quarantine and the will to finally unite our taste and our ideas, in something that was visible to everyone. Focus on Milan because we both went to university here, live here and work here. We love this city even in its less fascinating facets.

Fashion, Italian and Milanese pride par excellence, is one of the key themes of your project? How do you decline it?

Exactly. We make it real. We make it public to those who don’t know this environment, we speak it out loud and clear.

On what “milanesità” do you make irony?

On the one we know, the average Milanese. The one who “shows off”, here...

Who follows you inspires you? If so, how?

Those who follow us inspire us thanks to their stories on Instagram, so they are friends, colleagues more or less nice, or in general milanese social life situations (when you could have one).

What’s the next step of @_milanotralerighe_?

Well if there will be an audience... will need a merchandising :)

What would you like us to ask you to close the interview?

In your future? Working for this project and wallpapering the walls of Milanese houses with this kind of irony. “Because if you work in fashion but at a basic level (like almost everyone) there is an A2 hanging in your living room with written on it, MILANO LA MODA STICAZZI”. Then you can think big... An event in our name...