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Marmolada: a predictable tragedy.

As an alibi, climate change is used, tourists are accused of lack of attention, fatality is invoked. But what part of that glacier would eventually come down was predictable from at least a month

By Gianfranco Gatta

The tragedy of the Marmolada can be summed up in the question, not at all rhetorical, that asks the sister of one of the victims: "Why did they let them go?"

Here indirectly responds the Chief Prosecutor of Trento, Sandro Raimondi, interviewed by Tg3: "At this time we can exclude absolutely a predictability and negligence or imprudence... To have a responsibility you have to be able to predict an event, which is very difficult."

They leave amazed both the content and the timing of these statements; the Chief Prosecutor seems to escape that the Code of Criminal Procedure provides for the obligation, in case of violent death, of an investigation against unknown persons and specifically for procured massacre.

The disconcerting thing is that in the words of Mauro Corona and Reinhold Messner, two sincere lovers (betrayed?) of the mountain there is not the slightest awareness of reality; a bit like when Lucio Battisti sang: "It’s not Francesca." 

Corona claims to know that trait well, having travelled it in all circumstances about forty times and that he finds it beautiful; you have to believe him. Then he candidly adds: "The glacier is now a bit dusty and dirty, but what happened could not be predicted."

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Messner goes further, touching the crucial point that caused the tragedy: "We are destroying the planet it is incredible that there are 10 degrees on top of the Marmolada".

Find a glacier a little dusty and dirty when in the last twenty years has gradually turned into a stony, as graphs and vintage photos report, or knowing that for over a month, in that area, there are temperatures of 10 degrees and swear, against global warming, it is not boundless love for the mountain is to want to be kind, mystifying reality. 

It’s the mainstream that you want to pass on not to face civil, criminal and above all moral responsibilities to local administrations that care only about the tourist economy. And for heaven’s sake, we overlook the comments of some jackals who blame tourists who venture up the walls recklessly. Read the names of the victims before you speak!

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Leopardi already spoke of "Nature Stepmother", hiding behind it his envy towards the happiness of others; while the ancient Romans, more prosaic, identified in the "Homo Hereticus", that the Romanesque vulgarized over the centuries in: "A poor asshole" the cause of moral degeneration. And mankind is full of "Homo Hereticus" is factual. Just as global warming is, it will lead to substantial changes that we will adapt to, as are the whirlwinds that arrive and leave with a hiss of death and still as are the fires of these days that the usual mainstream declines as natural disasters, while instead they are the work of the usual... "Homo Hereticus".

A month that in that area there are temperatures around 10 degrees and who should not think that an ice sheet, 200 meters long and 60 meters wide, could come off and come down? The same Corona, in his dismal defense to the bitter end of "the lost lover", does not realize his contradictions stating that it could reignite, and then get to the surreal: "So what do we do, we close the mountain?"

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In these conditions it is certain that it closes, at least to tourism, as well as when you put the ban on bathing in the beaches when there are waves; unless you want to pass the thought that a handful of deaths have less value than the local economy. Anyway, the crocodile’s tears are enough to self-absorb.

That in a world of "Homo Hereticus" there is everything!