"M'ama - Dillo con un mochi" is the fashion finger food that you can no longer do without

I would like you to use the expression "I want a M'ama"

By acrimonia

“We sell experiences […]”, this is the phrase that the people behind “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi” use to describe the first brand that makes mochi ice cream, with Italian artisan ice cream. A rather singular combination that has all the air (and taste) to be winning.

Intrigued, we met Valentina, co-founder of “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi”, full of ideas: precise, framed and above all convinced of the infinite potential of the project to which she was able to give shape.

From what idea came the project “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi”?

I’m addicted to mochi. I could not find them on the market, in restaurants they were only imported (made with semi-prepared)... and then it was too much to ask to have an Italian product with Italian ingredients?

Here is that a day about a year ago was born “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi”. I would not like the word “addicted” to have a negative connotation, especially as the mochi is given in Japan to wish happiness in special moments of life.

The mochi “unites”: placed at the center of the table among just-known diners, breaks that initial embarrassment and relaxes the souls, creating ties.

I’m Italian always and forever, I explore the cuisine of the chefs as an alchemist in search of the magic formula and I do not hide that I suffer the charm of art and color of the application.

Why “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi”?

Five are the petals of the logo that recalls a daisy and invites lovers to grasp the last petal... the last mochi.

The mochi is always seen a bit skeptically for its texture very little similar to that of traditional Italian foods. Why should we get used to having a good time with it?

It’s true, but our “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi” is produced in Italy and moreover with all Italian ingredients. The contact with Asian traditions has allowed us to know a product that reinterpreted, renews the Italian tradition of artisan ice cream enriching it with an exotic aura and projecting it into the future: an ice cream dessert that fascinates both lovers of Italian ice cream and new generations.

“M'ama - Dillo con un mochi” has a heart of homemade Italian ice cream wrapped in a batter of steamed rice... has all the values of Italian and natural authenticity.

The aesthetics of your products are very cool! Is it true that you eat with your eyes?

“M'ama - Dillo con un mochi” is a fashion finger food. It is not only good, but it is instagrammable, for any occasion... and at every bite people experience the product.

It is the “chewing ice cream”. This is where logic is influenced by emotions. “M’ama" is not just a product but a brand: the “M'ama mochi”. I would like to use the expression “I want a M’ama” to identify this product, a must have, a status symbol... but within everyone’s reach. Here is the combination with fashion is soon done.

Favorite or recommended tastes to approach this ice cream dessert?

There are two lines of “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi”: a basic and a gourmet. Seven flavors: cream, chocolate, green tea, strawberry, mango, coffee, pistachio. For the more greedy we immerse the basic mochi in dark black or white chocolate and add the grains IGP&DOP as the pistachio of Bronte and the almond of Avola. “M’ama-pop" is the new entry of “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi”: the mochi on stick with the addition of some pieces of fruit that we created specifically for the Instagrammers, Tiktokers and Youtubers.

What are the future plans for “M'ama - Dillo con un mochi”?

We started a few months ago with the direct sale to the customer in Milan. No store, only the sale through our platform. A completely proprietary platform.

Requests have come from all over Italy, and we promise to be soon in most Italian cities. Covid-19 paralyzed the company but not the brand’s ambitions.

Special projects await you and we look forward to talking to you...

How does the brand approach the widespread theme of sustainability?

It is a complex theme, difficult to concentrate in a few lines. Our product is sustainable, made with 0 km raw materials, produced on the sold avoiding waste. As a start-up we do our best not to use anything that is not biodegradable...

Our packaging, with its own design, is 100% sustainable, is made of paper and printed with soybean colors. Research and experimentation are the basis of our project!