Street style cinese: a viral phenomenon on TikTok

The streets of Beijing and Chengdu become a catwalk

By Alessia Amorosini

If you are a TikTok user, you will certainly have come across at least one of these video compilations in quarantine where influencers walk the streets of the most glamorous districts of Beijing and Chengdu, showing off extravagant outfits, alternating with traditional costumes: the hanfu.

The hashtag #chinesestreetfashion has obtained over 614.3 million views and each video collects millions of likes. To make these videos extremely hypnotic is the editing: from slowmotion to background music that ranges from K-Pop to Chinese hip-hop and beyond. The most popular videos, shared by users @eromei, @elly.xia and @marstruck, are collections found on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. The sudden explosion of these videos on TikTok represents a curious crossover between the two apps.


so i heard y’all didn’t know china’s street fashion is on x games mode? 😳 ##fyp ##fashion ##chinesetiktok ##chinesestreetfashion

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One of the emerging stars, often the protagonist of this type of video, is the model, make-up artist and fashion blogger @ergoozhang. Often joined by her girlfriend, the two show off iconic #couplegoals outfits! 

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I just can’t stop putting some green on Lesley this summer 🌴🌴🌴 when can I dance by the beach we really need an island vacation🏝🏝🏝#fashionblogger #couplegoals #iconic

Un post condiviso da 张晏文 (@ergoozhang) in data:

This phenomenon works because it appears spontaneous and natural, as if it were captured by a paparazzo, but it is actually studied at the table and immortalized by experienced videomakers and photographers. Many influencers stroll through the coolest streets, wearing well-designed outfits, in the hope of being noticed, filmed and thus becoming viral on Douyin, gaining greater visibility. Fashion brands are also exploiting this new medium for promotional purposes. In some videos, brands are directly tagged or linked to some links that take you directly to the brand's website or suppliers.


@teamcullen4ever chinese photogs and videographers doing their thing❤️ so yes if u go to china u may be filmed on the streets ##fyp ##chinesetiktok

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This phenomenon represents not only an original and alternative method of sponsorship, particularly in the time of COVID-19, but it has also contributed to increasing the fascination for China and its culture. The trend was in fact taken up by influencers and users from all over the globe, who had fun creating their own version.


Rate this outfit 😜 ##fyp ##chinesestreetfashion ##fashion ##allblack ##howyoulikethat

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our mom daughter version of this trend 😆 @jadyn.xavier ##momsoftiktok ##fashion ##outfits

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Savannah street fashion ✨ w/ @withdropsofjupiter ##chinesestreetfashion

♬ Street Fashion Game - ftp_jimpix